Skin Benefits of Vitamin C that You Didn’t Know About!

We all know the common skincare ingredients such as AHAs, Retinol or Salicylic acid, and we know how great they are for the skin! But if you only focus on using these ingredients, you might miss out on the benefits of some other amazing skincare ingredients you didn’t know about. One of these overlooked skincare ingredients is Vitamin C!

Vitamin C is an important ingredient for anti-aging, because it is an antioxidant that will protect your skin from free radical damage from your surroundings. Without Vitamin C, collagen in your skin gets destroyed, and your skin gets saggy and wrinkly, making you look much older than before! However, with Vitamin C, you wouldn’t be having this problem. Plus, Vitamin C is also essential in maintaining your connective tissues and bones, and in your skin’s healing process, making it extremely important!

Now that you know how important and beneficial Vitamin C is, you must be wondering where you can find Vitamin C. As we all know, we can get our daily dose of Vitamin C from our diet, particularly in fruits and vegetables. But if you don’t like fruits and vegetables, getting your daily dose of Vitamin C might be a chore. However, if you still want that youthful, radiant skin that comes from having plenty of Vitamin C, without having to eat a ton of fruits and vegetables, you’re in luck. Here are some ways to get the Vitamin C you need for your skin, diet or not!

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  1. Fruits and Vegetables


Like we mentioned, fruits and vegetables are a sure way of getting Vitamin C. But there are a few fruits and vegetables that have higher-than-average levels of Vitamin C to offer. Guavas, Yellow Peppers or Blackcurrants are prime examples of a good source of Vitamin C (Here’s a list of more fruits and vegetables containing plenty of Vitamin C). It is also important to note that the level of Vitamin C in any fruit or vegetable changes after cooking, so sometimes, eating your fruit raw might be a better option!

  1. Topical Treatments

Woman-applying-cream-on-the-face-000054397380_Full (1).jpg

Vitamin C can be absorbed directly by your skin! It doesn’t always have to come through your diet. That is why I love SW1’s Citrine Pure Vitamin C Elixer and Powder, because you’re literally applying the purest form of topical vitamin C directly to your skin. This product helps to reduce the visible signs of photoaging as it combats free radicals, and will leave your skin brighter and stronger than before! Plus, you get to mix the elixir and powder right before you apply the mixture, ensuring that the ingredients in the treatment are active when you use it, making it extremely effective!

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  1. Facewashes


Did you know that there are facewashes out there that boast Vitamin C as one of their key ingredients? Facewash is an essential part of any skincare routine, so if you aren’t a fan of lengthy routines, this could be perfect for you! My favourite Vitamin C facewash is TruSkin’s Daily Facial Cleanser that features 15% Vitamin C along with organic Rose Hip Oil. This facewash will not only cleanse your skin, but also has a rejuvenating anti-aging formula.

  1. Facemasks

Girl-receiving-cosmetic-pink-facial-mask-153149981_7216x5412 (1).jpeg

Masks are the best way to get that much-needed boost into your skin! Using masks regularly could really bring your skin to the next level. My favourite Vitamin C facemask is Tatcha’s Violet-C Radiance Mask, because of how effective it is in promoting anti-aging! It is packed with Japanese beautyberry, 2 types of Vitamin C and AHAs from fruits, and really transforms your skin. Your skin will look softer, more radiant, and younger if you keep using this mask.

  1. Professional treatments


To get the best results, I always opt for professional treatments as aesthetic clinics will know how to best treat your skin issues, and can personalise any treatment for you. Overall, I just find professional treatments to be a worthwhile investment as they tend to be visibly effective, unlike some topical products that barely change anything! My all-time favourite Vitamin C treatment is SW1’s Vitamin Therapy. This treatment boasts a carefully selected range of pure vitamins (including vitamin C), which not only treats sun and free radical damage like the average Vitamin C treatment, but also treat other problems such as dullness or sagginess! Plus, they help to support skin turnover and repair, and stimulate collagen production. Your skin will truly look younger, brighter and more beautiful than before!

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