The Truth About Weight Loss

I want a body like Suzy or Hyuna! But losing weight is tough and keeping it off is even harder! Experts say that an estimated 80 percent of people dropped the pounds but gained it all back within a year (that’s me!) How then do we rise above the rest and be that 20 percent that gets to fit into skin-tight dresses and strut our stuff confidently? A good start would be to recognise the difficulty of weight loss and quit beating ourselves up over it. Next, practice the truths to keep those fats away and perhaps one day, just one day, we’ll get there.

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What Your Face Says About Your Health


The East believes that your face is your fortune. Change your face, and you alter your fortune. Improve your facial landscape, and life’s doors may just open in your favour! Traditional Chinese physicians also believe that just by looking at your face, you can gauge your general health and life expectancy. So what signals are your face sending out about your well-being? Read under the cut to find out more!

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10 Steps to Clearer Skin


The trick to a healthy skin lies in diligently keeping up a certain clarifying routine. I’ve found that over the past years, keeping to a single routine has helped me maintain my skin and also allowed me to pin-point the exact cause of a skin breakout when I get them. The reason being, I know exactly what goes on my skin, what works, and what doesn’t. Below the cut are 10 steps women with clear skin swear by, and why you should be adopting these good habits.

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5 Foods That Help Reduce Bloating

Bloating comes and goes. You might wake up with a flat stomach and be carrying a three-pound food baby by the time you go to bed. The cycle repeats. However, there are actually some foods that can actually prevent and reduce bloating, so that you don’t have to suffer with that uncomfortable feeling in your stomach.

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