Just stop Believing In These Archaic Beauty Myths!

You know the thing your grandma used to tell you about how shaving makes your hair grow thicker? The truth is, it doesn’t. For years, we’ve been practicing old-school beauty beliefs that have no scientific basis. Toothpaste to get rid of pimples? Frequent salon trips to make hair grow longer? Yup, all myths.
Read on as we debunk five of the most common beauty myths and why you should stop believing in them.

Myth #1: Organic or natural products are better for the skin
They might be good for the environment, but organic or natural products are not necessarily always better and safer for the skin. Some of these products have short shelf lives and may potentially trigger allergic contact dermatitis. We’re not stopping you from making the switch to eco-friendly products, though! It is still essential to do your research to determine which of these organic products and natural brands are best for you.

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Myth #2: You don’t need sunscreen when you’re indoors or when it’s winter
Whether staying indoors or Mr. Sun is not out, you should never skip putting on sunscreen. Indoors or not, we’re constantly being exposed to UVA rays and blue light. UVA rays are harmful rays that penetrate deep into the dermis and something that glass windows cannot block, while blue light comes from screen devices and overexposure can lead to age spots. So yes, if you want to protect your skin from premature ageing, sunspots, and (even worse!) skin cancer, wearing sunscreen is non-negotiable.

Myth #3: You should exfoliate every day!
Physical exfoliation is excellent if you want to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt build-up. But the next time you want to grab that exfoliator or scrub every time your skin feels dry or dull, think twice. Too much of a good thing is terrible, and yes, you can overdo it even when it comes to skincare. Exfoliating the skin daily slows down cell turnover, strips natural oils, and can eventually lead to breakouts and wrinkles. Moderation is key, ladies(and men)!

Myth #4: Pores can open and close
Many products in the market and skin treatments claim they can shrink and reduce pores. The truth is, the size of our pores doesn’t change. They may temporarily appear tighter or broader depending on environmental changes like the weather. At best, you can improve the appearance of clogged pores by using skincare products formulated with salicylic acid.

Myth #5: Drinking eight glasses of water is good for the skin
This myth is something a lot of people say that it’s shocking to find out it’s just a myth. While hydrating with water is good for the body, there is no scientific evidence to prove that our skin absorbs water if we drink it. Studies revealed that drinking water only affects the skin if you’re extremely dehydrated. The best way to hydrate the skin still lies with a good moisturiser and a gentle cleanser.

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