5 Key Ingredients for an Effective Skin Detox

Did you join the dry January bandwagon? A detox isn’t meant for our body only. In fact, when you dial down on food, alcohol or personal care products, your skin can reap immense benefits. Many find that a food fast can leave their skin glowing and with fewer breakouts. What if you extend that to your skincare as well? Using the right ingredients and cutting out irritants for some time, can also make a difference to your complexion. If you too are keen on a skin re-set, take a look at these 5 ingredients that will help you rest out your skin and leave it with a healthy, happy glow like never before!

1. Charcoal

Ever had a case of food indigestion and were prescribed Charcoal? Charcoal is known to absorb the bad stuff and is a powerful detoxing ingredient that you’ll find everywhere – including skincare. When used in skincare Charcoal works as a highly effective purifier and cleanser. For those looking to detox their skin and take away the build-up of impurities, consider a cleansing mask like SW1’s Absolute Charcoal. This activated charcoal foaming mask detoxifies the pores from deep within, dissolving impurities, dirt, oil, makeup residue and contaminants from the skin. Top marks for being Sulphate-free and suitable for all skin types!

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2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that not only protects you from falling ill but also prevents your skin from free radical damage via sunlight, pollution or stress. Look for a shelf and light-stable Vitamin C serum that can help brighten your skin tone and leave it looking gleaming day or night. The Vitamin C Elixir is a brightening serum that comes power-packed with active Vitamin C in the purest and most stable form to ensure long-lasting, glow-giving effects.

3. Essential Oils

If you’ve been staying away from essential oils all this time, a detox is a great time to start. Flower and oil extracts have natural ways of detoxing your body and skin, leaving it gleaming. Use a calming option like Lavender and you’ll even reap mental benefits! The Sapphire Balancing Facial Oil is a skin oil formula that is made with 100 per cent natural and pure plant oils to thoroughly hydrate skin without clogging pores. The quick-absorbing oil delivers moisture, vitamins and fatty acids by forming a natural lipid barrier to lock in essential nutrition.

4. Salt

When your skin is overworked, you’ll see dry skin in dire need of moisture. The easiest solution? Use sea salt and take advantage of its detoxing, exfoliating and moisturising capabilities. Sea salt contains magnesium which is great for the skin as it helps get rid of dry skin thereby improving texture and hydration. Buy one of the popular bath salts that contain sea salt, or simply reach out for the sea salt in your kitchen and wake up to better skin without a hassle!

5. Clay

Clogged skin that’s dry and sensitive? Consider clay as an alternative to charcoal which can be quite drying by itself. Clay works the same way that charcoal does, by pulling impurities out of your pores but as most Clay products come with a healthy mix of hydration, they tend to leave your skin pure and supple. The Cloud Nine is recommended for all skin types and is especially beneficial for sensitive skin as it is a de-congestive and calming masque. This masque helps improve skin‘s suppleness, elasticity, tone, firmness, and hydration and has a light creamy consistency.

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