5 Top Aesthetic Treatments That Men Need In Their Lives

Aesthetic treatments aren’t just for women! Plenty of men in Singapore and the world over are embracing medicine and technology to enhance their face and bodies. Want to know which aesthetic treatments make wise investments for men? Read on as we tell you about the top treatments that you NEED in your life!


Don’t let the internet’s horror stories scare you! If there’s one aesthetic route that takes care of your frown or laugh lines, it is Botox. Botox is very safe and has a long-standing safety data as it was used for other ailments before being approved for cosmetic procedures. Anti-wrinkle or Botox injections help by relaxing the muscles that cause these deep expressions and lines. As a treatment that barely takes any time and with results that come in a week or so, you’d be hard placed to find better aesthetic value for your buck!

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Revitalift Eye

An especially common ailment for men, under-eye circles and bags can be terribly deflating for the image. This is why Revitalift is an aesthetic treatment that attracts many men in Singapore. This dermal filler is used to fill the under-eye area to lighten the appearance of dark eye circles so you can look refreshed – almost instantly! Revitalift Eye is specially tailored to boost the hyaluronic acid content, so your skin holds water better, as well as boost its natural production of collagen.

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting

If you’ve been following us, you know we’ve raved about muscle-sculpting on here before. Perfect for those who can’t achieve toned muscles or even a six-pack at the gym, this technological wonder helps define what you can’t.

Using functional magnetic stimulation Magnetic Muscle Sculpting improves muscle definition in areas like the belly and gluteal muscles. It is especially useful in the case of muscle rehabilitation in sports injuries or geriatric patients. Better still, it takes only 15-30 minutes per area and can be applied with your clothes on. How’s that for quick in and out!

Fatloss injections

If you need a little help in your fat loss journey, perhaps its time to discuss Skinny Jabs with your doctor. These medically prescribed fat loss injections give you that much-needed push on your weight loss journey by suppressing the appetite. The way it works, Skinny Jab mimics glucagon-like-peptide (GLP-1), a hormone that is known to regulate hunger in the body. This in turn allows you to reduce your calorie intake, leading to weight loss and subsequently better health!


If you’ve been noticing more lines, wrinkles and sagging as you age, know that its pretty common and a condition that can be managed with the help of aesthetic treatments. If surgical options are off the table, you can consider getting a thread lift that adds back definition to your face and its features without the use of a knife. The best part is that Threadlifts can be designed as per your requirements, so you can speak to your aesthetic doctor on what you are hoping to achieve and they’ll be able to tweak the process and placement of threads as necessary. Did we say the effects look absolutely natural and are known to stimulate the production of your natural collagen – which means you get better skin, with every passing month!

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