5 Facts About Thread lifts Everyone Should Know!

Have you been coveting the Eyebrow Thread Lifts that Hollywood celebrities are flaunting all over social media? Or perhaps you are in need of a facial lift that helps keeps sagging and wrinkles at bay? Thread Lifts are increasingly becoming the choice treatment for ageing skin for an immediate lifting effect and long term skin rejuvenation.

What’s a Thread Lift?

A Thread Lift uses 100% bio-absorbable threads strategically placed under the skin to lift and restore facial contours. Over time, these threads stimulate the skin’s natural collagen production giving a firmer and smoother appearance. Thread Lifts, unlike their surgical counterparts, do not require incisions or going under the knife. Also, the results are visible almost immediately with prolonged smoothing and firming as the long term benefit.

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Fact 1 – Thread Lift procedures have a short recovery

People often get put off by Thread Lifts assuming it would take many weeks to look normal again. In fact, with a Thread Lift, there is little to no downtime. Some patients may experience slight swelling or soreness, but you can return to work right after.

Fact 2 – There are different threads for different purposes

Thread Lifts are performed using a variety of threads. Barbed PDO threads, for instance, provide the most lift to your skin as the threads have the ability to gather more skin for lifting. These are ideal for those looking to improve the appearance of their sagging cheeks and jowls. You also have non-barbed PDO threads that are a good solution for wrinkles and fine lines and can help to add volume under your skin.

You’ve probably heard about Silhouette Instalift, which is an excellent option for improving contours in your mid-face and uses small cones on the thread to hook the deeper layers of skin tissue.

Fact 3 – Your doctor’s skill and experience counts as much as the threads used

The best Thread lift procedure relies heavily on the use of the right type of thread and your doctor’s technique. Even with the most appropriate threads, poor technique and placement can compromise results. So, try and choose a doctor who comes with experience across a range of threads as well as the ability to discuss the pros and cons of each lift type. Some doctors will also suggest a mix of thread types and techniques to give you the right results. Ultimately, remember that the success of a Thread Lift lies in the hands that place them in the right way!

Fact 4 – Thread Lifts aren’t JUST for ageing skin

You’d imagine that a facelift is only for older skin, but plenty of young users are opting for this treatment too. The reason being that along with their lifting capabilities Thread Lifts are an excellent tool for contouring of the face too. When done as Infinity V-lift, threads can contour the lower face and jawline to deliver a sharper, slimmer V-shaped face. The Infinity Nose Lift is another method where threads are used to elevate and define nose bridges and nose tips, offering a long-lasting and non-surgical option to augment the nose.

Fact 5 – Thread Lifts are not a fix for everyone

While Thread Lifts can give you similar results to a surgical facelift, do remember that they can’t replace surgery for advanced cases of sagging. Although both procedures improve sagging, a surgical facelift removes excess skin and tightens the muscles. A Thread Lift on the other hand will be able to lift your face only marginally. This is why if you have mild to moderate sagging, a Thread Lift is a good option, but for anything more advanced your doctor may suggest surgery as the better route to take.

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