Can Your Skin Type Change With Time

I used to have very dry skin. Any amount of moisturiser would feel less. Now? It’s taken on an oily avatar! If you’ve been wondering about your skin type and how it is changing with time and as you age, welcome to the club! Turns out, skin type can change quite dramatically based on a number of factors. We look at how skin can change, what causes this change and how to manage it – as beautifully as possible!

Several factors can cause your skin to change, including the following:

Hormones (pregnancy and menopause)


Sun damage




Lifestyle – smoker, heavy drinker etc

Why the change?

People often forget that our skin is not only just for beauty. It also helps to regulate body temperature and will react to external changes consequently. Moved from an arid environment to the tropics? Say hello to oily skin like mine!

Smoking your heart out? You are welcoming dry skin even before age kicks in!

Besides acting as a protective barrier from the outside world, your skin regulates your body temperature and contains a network of nerves that recognise, react to and communicate changes in your environment. 

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As one of the primary reasons for changes in the skin, ageing plays a huge part in the way you’ll start to look. As we age, the outer skin layer (epidermis) starts to thin out. Ageing skin also starts to look trnaslucent, and is susceptible to dark spots, and sun damage. You’ll also notice lack of elasticity which is why a number of people say their skin has grown dry over time. This is merely the loss of hydration and skin changing with age.

Sebaceous glands on your face (and the rest of your body) will produce less oil as you age. Most women gradually produce less sebum as they step into menopause, making it a tough job to keep skin moist and dryness at bay.

It could even be your skincare

While we love using the products that work for us, using them for years can start to slow down progress. And if you are using the wrong skincare to begin with, it can adversely affect your skin too! So, if you’ve been trying to use products that dry out your oily skin, you are causing more damage and perhaps even more breakouts. It also means that you need to keep up with your skin – hormones, weather and other changes, as they come along!

How do you keep up?

If skin is forever changing, how do you buy the right products for it? Ideally, seek a consult with a dermatologist to determine your skin type and the ingredients you should be using NOW. You’ll also get some professional advise on how to manage changes during your period, menopause or pregnancy.

Aside from that make sure you keep an eye on your skin. Try adapting your skincare to complement the needs of your complexion. Wintertime? Slather on more moisture. Feeling dull? Brighteners are the way to go. You’ll be able to find some comfort in tried and tested ways to counter these changes. Oh and also, be ready for your skin to change again!

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