5 Ways to Make Pores Look Smaller

Large pores stalling your skin game? Much like acne and oily skin, large pores are a relatively common issue for most of us. In fact, the oilier your skin, the more you are prone to notice them.

Pores do play an important role for our skin – they allow regulation on sebum and help it travel to the top of the epidermis. And although there is no way to permanently change your pore size through topical applications, you can make them appear smaller.

Cleansing your skin 

As basic as washing your face may sound, you need to ensure that a good cleansing routine is in place. Wash your face every single morning and evening to ensure there is no build up of oil, dirt or makeup. This will in turn help your pores to look smaller.

Try and choose a gel-based cleanser if you have oily skin. A deep moisturising cleanser can often leave residue in the pores and increase the slick on your skin. On the other hand, a gel based cleanser like the Skin Gym Deep Cleansing Gel will give skin a workout without upsetting the delicate moisture balance. It quickly and completely removes makeup and breaks down excess sebum, dirt, and debris.

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There’s a reason you find Salicylic Acid in most anti-acne products. A person with oily skin should exfoliate once or twice a week as it helps to remove pore-blocking dirt, dead skills and oil. As a natural acid that helps to release debris from the pores, Salicylic Acid makes for a great medium to achieve squeaky clean skin. Do remember though, not to over do it. Exfoliating too frequently with products that contain salicylic acid can dry out the skin so stick to twice a week.

Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Liquid contains Salicylic Acid that works on blackheads, enlarged pores, wrinkles and fine lines. This gentle, leave-on exfoliator rapidly unclogs pores, diminishes the appearance of wrinkles, and improves skin tone for smooth, brighter, and firmer-looking skin.


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise 

As counter intuitive as it may sound, moisturising your skin can actually help to calm skin and reduce large pores. Moisturisers used after washing your face diligently hydrate and soften the skin. This allows for sebum to penetrate further into the skin rather than just sit on the surface. It also means there’s no more room for oil to clog your pores!

The Chai Pink Sake Restoring Moisturiser makes for a worthy investment. Developed by the doctors at SW1 Clinic, this effective cream visibly rejuvenates tired dull skin with its hydrating and brightening sake extracts. Bonus points for its super-light formulation, which means the product will sink into your skin better and not leave any greasy residue behind.

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Mask-up using Charcoal 

A charcoal mask has many benefits including the ability to shrink and clean your pores. Try and find the time to mask up using a quality charcoal face mask a couple of times a week. Not only will this natural ingredient reduce excess oil, it will also remove skin impurities and protect your skin from future breakouts.

Origins Clear Improvement® Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores helps to achieve deep, thorough skin renewal. Formulated with the benefits of Activated Charcoal and White China Clay, this creamy mask removes dirt, minimise pores and absorbs oil for a perfectly clean and soft skin. 


Wear sunscreen

Here’s a scenario – you go out in the sun without any protection and your skin gets damaged. Damaged skin is drying and the most de-hydrated your complexion is the more your pores will stand out. Amongst the various other (non-negotiable) reasons to wear proper sun protection, those with enlarged pores now have even more grounds to!

The TATCHA Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35 blends effortlessly to give protected, matte skin. The formula comes enriched with vitamins and minerals including Japanese wild rose so that your skin feels well-loved in addition to being well-protected.

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