5 Antioxidants That Are Great for Your Skin (and What to Buy)

We’re certain you’ve heard of antioxidants. Beauty blogs, skincare store aisles or social media – when it comes to skincare superheroes, antioxidants lead ALL conversations.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring vitamins and minerals (A, C, E) that protect your skin against free radicals. These free radicals damage your skin by holding onto collagen and wearing down its elasticity. You can find free radicals everywhere – smoke, pollution or chemicals. And Antioxidant help neutralise these free radicals to protect your skin from damage. But that’s not all. Antioxidants do a splendid job of brightening, anti ageing and firming up too!

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1. Vitamin E – Protect from sun damage

The number one cause for wrinkles is sun damage, and there’s really no reason to avoid wearing a sunscreen, inside or not. Sun damage can affect skin cells, dry it out and make it appear rough and wrinkle-filled. Antioxidants like Vitamin E stimulate blood flow in the skin to encourage production of new cells thereby making one look younger. Often found in sunscreens Vitamin E plays a massive role in helping defend skin from the harmful effects of UV exposure.

What to buy: Take your sunscreen seriously by investing in a mega dose of protection. SW1’s Umbrella Sunscreen is 100% chemical and fragrance free and comes with the powers of Vitamin E and C!

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2. Green Tea – Anti-inflammatory

Remember how applying green tea on a skin burn can feel soothing? Antioxidants come with the benefit of calming and soothing inflammation. Green tea is a potent antioxidant when applied topically on your skin too. With a bag full of anti-ageing and calming abilities, the key compound EGCG helps defend from external factors and visibly soothe redness.

Bonus points for what happens after too! Once inflammation goes down, you get skin tone that’s even and hence keeps wrinkles at bay.

What to Buy: We love MARIO BADESCU Facial Spray that comes with soothing aloe, refreshing cucumber, and protective green tea. Easy. to wear over makeup or alone to give your complexion an instant pick-me-up.

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3. Vitamin C – Reduced appearance of wrinkles

If you’ve used a Vitamin C product that works, you’re probably addicted! Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that works brilliantly (pun intended!) to diminish fine lines, wrinkles and dullness.  An anti-aging superstar for all skin types, Vitamin C can preserve the skin’s resilience and give it a firmer, smoother appearance. It also brightens dull skin to reveal visibly radiant, younger skin. Just remember to choose between 0.5 – 20% concentrations as these have been proven to be most effective.

What to buy: Chai’s CITRINE Pure Vitamin C Elixir & Powder activates a stabilised form of L-Ascorbic Acid to create the freshest, purest form of Vitamin C. Highly effective to counter skin ageing and give it that brilliant, bright glow.

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4. Resveratrol – Brightening 

This lesser known antioxidant comes with myriad of benefits. Found in red grapes(and wine!), blueberries and cranberries it can help protect the skin and brighten tired complexions. negative environmental influences, and brightens a tired-looking complexion. Topically applied resveratrol protects against UVB-induced photo damage, pigmentation, and collagen degradation. With plenty of skincare lines now introducing resveratrol into their mix – it won’t be that hard to spot!

What to buy: Caudalie Resveratrol Lift Night Infusion Cream regenerates the skin while you sleep, ensuring that it looks beautiful and radiant upon waking. Formulated with resveratrol, from grapevine stalks, this cream relaxes and smooths out wrinkles as well as fine lines.


5. Retinol – All Encompassing Benefits 

Is there anything this antioxidant cannot do? Retinol provides multiple benefits for every skin concern including enlarged pores, texture, fine lines and wrinkles. Acne woes? Your doctor will probably put you on a Retinol regime soon! By improving the skin’s resilience, Retinol gives it firmness, and an overall healthier appearance. This anti-ageing hero is a key ingredient to look out for in your skincare buys. Just a word of caution; build your potency of retinol from low to high, gradually or your skin may revolt. And stick to it for nighttime routines only!

What to buy: The First Aid Beauty Skin Lab Retinol Serum 0.25% is perfect for beginners or those with sensitive skin types. Boasting a 0.25% concentration of pure Retinol, the formula is able to deliver the benefits of retinol, without causing irritation.

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