6 Surprising Uses of Botox that Aren’t Related to Wrinkles

B for Botox. If you’ve been any paying attention, you already know that Botox is ahead of the curve on anti -ageing injectables. And while relaxing wrinkles is one of Botox’s many super powers, it isn’t the only major one.

Woman with her eyes closed receiving Botox injection.

Opthalmic Disorders

Botox is actually very safe. Long before it was approved for cosmetic use Botox has had an established 10 year safety data for the treatment of opthalmic disorders. In fact, treating of a crossed eye, was the original intent of Botox injections and it has been used to treat Strabimus since the 1970’s.

Excessive Sweating

Embarrassed about sweating excessively? Botox is truly your friend here. For a long time now, Botox has been FDA approved for the treatment of severe underarm sweating. In fact, it can relieve one of excessive sweating from everywhere – hands to feet! Not a permanent solution, but you’ll be okay for 6 months at least and can go back for top ups should you like being, sweat free!

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FDA approved the use of Botox in 2010 for preventing chronic migraines. So, if you suffer from terrible headaches and migraines, Botox can really help relieve you from the pain. Injected around the pain fibres that are involved in headaches, Botox works by blocking the release of chemicals that are involved in pain transmission. So it prevents pain before it even starts and could well be that solution you’ve been seeking.

Woman white smile with a perfect teeth in the street

Teeth Grinding

There are several treatments for teeth grinding ranging from wearing a mouth guard, to the use of medications and muscle relaxants. Botox has also been used consistently and effectively on Bruxism and is a great solution that takes care of the problem at source.

Small, measured doses of botulinum toxin directly injected into the muscles of the jaw (or the Masseter Muscle), weakens it enough to stop grinding of teeth or clenching of the jawline. Similar to the way in which Botox works on your face muscles to relax wrinkles, this treatment helps to reduce wear and tear on teeth via the muscle that causes it to grind.

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Foot Pain

Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the tissue connection heel and toes. And it is as painful as it sounds. Thankfully, Botox has been shown to be effective at treating several painful conditions of the feet including excessive sweating, tight muscles and even tendon contracture from wearing high heels.

pregnant woman urine urgency

Bladder Control

The FDA approved Botox for the treatment of overactive bladders in 2013 and it has since then been used to relieve many a male and female patients from leakage and incontinence. By temporarily stopping nerve signals to the brain that signal it to empty the bladder, this use of Botox is both effective and safe.

From helping with migraines, to managing teeth grinding, the uses of Botox are plenty and safe. Should you want to use this safe drug on your face, you can be rest assured of a softened facial expression that keeps wrinkles and lines at bay. Our advise – always go with an accredited doctor when it comes to using Botox for wrinkles or any of its other favourable uses.

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