5 Beauty Treatments that Make the Perfect Christmas Gift!

Still looking for presents? If you are in the market for pampering, gift experiences that will leave both him or her looking skin-tastic, this is the cheat sheet you need!  We love ALL of these treatments so without a doubt your recipient will be beaming (and glowing) when they get them this festive season. And if you’d like one for yourself – start dropping major hints right away!

1.Illumi Facial – For the one who means business


She’s got less time on her hands but been meaning to get some solid TLC for her skin? If your gift receiver is someone who believes in efficacy, this glow-rious Illumi Facial would make a wonderful gift. A clinical procedure that comes with the comfort of a facial, this illuminative treatment will leave the skin instantly brightened and full of good health. Combining the benefits of a photo shower using intense pulsed light therapy, instant results are almost a guarantee with The Illumi Facial. Pigmentation troubles? This silent killer of anti-ageing woes, is a dream for anyone who wants the pampering of a spa but the results only a clinic can deliver.

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2. Cellu-Melt – For the one who wants supermodel legs

Beautiful woman tan legs. Against white wall.

Bestie complaining of cellulite? Cellu-Melt was created to give everyone a chance at supermodel legs and that instantly makes it to our list of stuff we want from Santa. Using a proprietary blend of actives that are delivered using a specialised ‘acu-point’ technique, this treatment is great at managing uneven texture and weakened dermal support. Complete with a body masque that works to restore skin hydration, softness and suppleness, this 60-minute treatment is perfect for those troubled by the dreaded orange peel. Stretch marks also a concern? Don’t worry, this collagen and elastic production booster also works on stretch marks and lines – and melts them all away!

3. Deep Deep Clean – For the one who needs a good scrub

Face Skin Care. Facial Hydro Microdermabrasion Peeling Treatment

Heavy make up user or someone that has problems with clogged pores? Deep Deep Clean is designed to give them the detox cleansing of their lives! Superior deep-cleaning using microdermabrasion with a fruit acid wash, ultrasonic deep pore purging and a facial wrap that keeps break outs at bay – this is as holistic as cleaning can get. We love how you can customise the wraps based on what your skin really needs. From whitening, oil control and hydrating hyaluronic acid wraps, the combinations on what the treatment can achieve are endless. Results? Squeaky clean skin that’s prepped for perfection!

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4. PDRN Cellular Facial – For the one who seeks the fountain of youth (aka everyone!)

Get that facelift without the surgery

Now who doesn’t want to look younger? As the years pass by, our skin decides to take on a journey of its own – and one without lustre! PDRN is a proprietary and registered drug that possesses the ability to repair tissue while being anti-inflammatory.

SW1’s PDRN cellular facial uses these properties to boost skin to a healthier and optimal state. Using proprietary techniques, this facial ensures that skin is deeply infused with PDRN and as a result gets the optimum advantage of this skin-healing molecule – leaving it instantly repaired and restored to a more youthful state. Jaw dropping skin and a glow that everyone will notice – trust us, this gift will be remembered for some time to come!

5.  Glamour Peel – For the one looking to make a red carpet appearance

Close-up portrait of a beautiful woman with a coffee scrub on her face doing peeling skin isolated on white backgroundWhether it’s a cousin getting married soon or someone who is looking to make quite the difference at an important event, the Glamour Peel by SW1 Spa will leave them paparazzi ready!

This 6-in-1 weekend facial is a combination of professional peels that are customised to address six prime skin concerns – lack lustre skin, spots, fine lines, pores, sebum production and dehydration. Followed up with a series of oxygenating masques and regenerating concentrates, you’ll be sure to be left with a clear and supple complexion.

Spruced up skin with a brightened glow as company, the Glamour Peel is indeed the easiest way to look red carpet ready and quickly at that!


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