Cocktails for The Face? Yes, That’s a Thing!

Have you been practising on your cocktail-making skills, now that there’s so much entertaining to do? A little bit of this and a dash of that, can take your drinks to next level amazing. Now imagine if you could do the same to your facials? Designing face treatments D-I-Y style just like making your favourite concoction – yes, Cocktails for the face are a thing!


What is a cocktail for the face, exactly?

We’ve seen cocktail mixes for vitamins, but for skincare? A first in Singapore, SW1 Spa’s genius approach at skincare has left many a faces looking stunning! Available at their OUE brand only, these facial cocktails allow you to customise your very own facial based on what your skin needs. From refreshing and reviving to no-nonsense anti-ageing fixers, these cocktails are ones that will be taken, quite often I think.

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What’s on the menu?

A quick read and you’ll be salivating for sure! Names like Pretty Bellini, Gorgeous Cosmopolitan and Fresh Faced Martini, the options on the menu are desirable and intriguing too.

If you are Martini fan like me, you get to choose from a range of treatments under clarify, revive and purify each and shake it up to deliver. With options like Aqua. Dermabrasion and Retinol Peel’s on the choice menu, you can be rest assured that this goes well beyond just the aesthetics – it is serious business, indeed.

How does it work?


What works on my skin, may not be good for yours! The beauty of customising your facial is that everyone can have their own version of ‘what does the job’. It’s also entirely dependent on your availability. Should you have the time to sit for longer, choose multiple processes and longer facial options. If its a quickie you are after, or looking at an instant perk-me-up just before tonight’s event, the shorter but effective treatments are the way to go.

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The first step is to choose your cocktail – Fresh Faced Martini, Pretty Bellini or Gorgeous Cosmopolitan. Each of these come with 3 steps to the facial except Gorgeous Cosmopolitan, that involves a longer 4.

Under each of these steps – Clarify, Purify, Beautify and Revivify, you get to choose your one treatment and add it up to make the concoction of your complexion’s dreams. Each of these offer cutting-edge, clinical options that work purposely on what affects you the most. So, if you choose to clarify with Aqua. Dermabrasion expect deep cleansing using  three types of vitaminised saline water via aqua jets. And if you choose to detoxify with a Magnetic Detox Peel, magnetite minerals are removed using a magnet that also draws out impurities from within the skin – how cool is that?


The beautify bit is as effective! Plasma C Boost for instance is a professional-grade brightening treatment where mixed on-the-spot pure vitamin C powder is used to prevent and help correct hyperpigmentation, including dark spots, freckles and uneven skin tone.

With each step offering the best in clinical grade treatments, you can be rest assured that these cocktails will actually do your skin plenty of good. New skin-tactic recipe on your mind? We suggest you hit the Cocktail bar at SW1 Spa and mix them up pronto!

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