The MUST HAVE Products in Your Bag!

Everyday, we find ourselves caught up in piles of work, or somewhere on a bus feeling tired, dehydrated and overall, just not very good. Not only do we feel bad, but our skin feels bad too! We are constantly exposed to pollution in the air, sweat, grime, and the sun’s rays. Consequently, our skin finds itself fighting hard against all these elements, in a constant state of defense.

We get tired from constantly working throughout the day, and our skin does too! That’s why, its important to support our poor, overworked skin, to keep our skin looking fresh and happy. That’s why; we always keep a few products in our bags, to have that extra boost when we need it most.

Without further ado, here is our list of the products you MUST have in your bag!

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  1. Clean and Clear Oil Blotting Sheets


We all know how hot the day can get, and how sweaty and oily our faces can get too. I especially hate that feeling of grime and oil over my face, thinking about how the oils are clogging my pores! That is why I use Clean and Clear’s Oil Blotting Sheets to blot away the excess oils. The best part is that I can use this over makeup, and my makeup still stays intact!

All in all, if your day entails any physical activity, outdoor activity, or anything that leaves your skin oily, this product will do wonders in keeping your skin happy, and beautiful.

  1. SW1 Reset Rejuvenating facial mist

beautiful-girl-with-professional-makeup-532344372_4000x3000 (1).jpeg

Ever looked in the mirror and wondered why you skin looked so tired and drab? Or do you find your skin feeling dehydrated midway through the afternoon? Chances are, your skin has been exposed to pollution, too much sunlight, and contaminants in the air.

Reset Facial Mist is the product I absolutely love using to prevent my skin from feeling terrible. It is a multitasking tonic that helps to brighten, hydrates, and purifies the look of your skin. It can be used to remove dirt, oil and impurities, to keep your skin unclogged and clean even when you’re chasing down a bus! Plus, it also has anti-aging properties that reduce the prominence of lines and creases. With this product, my skin feels and looks good no matter how tired I am.

  1. Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm

sexy-lips-000086345607_Medium (1).jpg

Chapped lips are a common problem for many of us, and chances are, your liquid lipstick won’t help in getting rid of dry skin, or hydrating it. If you don’t fix this issue, you might end up with wrinkled lips that bleed easily. It is both painful and unpleasant to the eye!

That is why I carry Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm with me everywhere I go. It features botanical waxes and Shea butter that keeps my lips soft, moisturized and beautiful. Plus, it is an easy way of adding color to your makeup without having to use drying liquid lipsticks!

  1. SW1 Snow White Whitening Sunscreen Mist


You can apply however much sunscreen you want in the morning, but sunscreen can only last so long. You’ll definitely need a top-up every now and then to ensure you skin is protected from UV rays. Sunscreen is extremely important in keeping your skin looking young

SW1’s sunscreen mist is one of my favorite products because of how effective and easy to apply it is. It features a foam-activated technology with a super quick-dry finish, so much so you won’t even realize you’re wearing sunscreen. At the same time, it offers good protection against UV rays with SPF 30. On top of this, it even has whitening properties to keep your skin safe and fair.

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  1. Pixi 24K Eye Elixir


The eyes are the windows to the soul… and we sure don’t want them looking tired. To make sure you look bright and alert throughout your day, it is important to give your eyes and your eye bags the pick-me-up they need every now and then.

Pixi’s 24K Eye Elixer is an essential in refreshing and preventing signs of fatigue in your eyes. Its cooling roller-ball promotes circulation in areas around the eyes, plumps up any creases or lines, and helps to reduce puffiness. It is so easy to use and portable, so you can even keep this one in your pocket!

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