Midday perk me up facials

Having a very packed schedule but desperately needing a facial session to pamper yourself in the midst of all the busyness? With the wide variety of quick, no-downtime treatment available, squeezing in a facial during your lunchtime even sounds possible now!


SW1 has been by far my favorite, all-time go-to aesthetic clinic! I especially love their facial cocktails program where you get to customize your own treatment focusing on the skin concerns you have. There are 3 different sets of treatments that you can choose from depending on the amount of time you have to spare and the results you want to achieve – clarify, purify, revivify, and beautify. These treatments take mostly an hour and you can return to work immediately with no signs of post-treatment redness, only looking fresher and skin glowing with radiance. 

Besides SW1, there are other clinics, although, without the flexibility of customizing your treatments, that do also provide quick facial treatments for the skin concerns you have.

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For dull skin, Freia Aesthetics provides a classic express facial that takes only 30mins! This treatment focuses on exfoliation and masking to moisturize and brighten the skin.

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For sensitive skin, IDS Aesthetics has the Cryo Therapeutics treatment that takes 45mins. This calming treatment involves the infusion of a hypoallergenic blend of vitamins and nutrients which helps to strengthen the skin barrier layer to keep irritants out of the skin. Extremely cold CryoProbe is massaged over the skin to soothe inflammation and shrink the appearance of pores, achieving a clear, healthy complexion. 

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For sagging skin, Sugar K Organic Peel Bar offers a 30 mins Skin Gym Facial. Using a Multi-Polarity Electroporation Device, nutrient-rich products are being infused into the skin to tone muscles, stimulate lymphatic drainage and improve blood circulation. This treatment helps in toxin removal and tightening of the facial contours to achieve a naturally lifted skin. 

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Although the duration of each treatment is shorter, it does not compromise on the quality and visible results achieved. Try out these quick-fix, power-packed treatments to achieve that younger-looking, brighter skin now!


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