The Best Ways to Treat Yourself After A Breakup

Let’s all admit it; relationships are real tricky. Sometimes they end well, but for the most part… they usually end in a mess. We’ve all been there – having to say goodbye to that special person. It really is never easy, whether or not the breakup was one-sided or mutual. The truth is that you definitely need some time to process what has happened, and move on from it.

We have to trust that every breakup we go through brings us one step closer to the right person! Breakups also help us discover things about ourselves, and triggers personal growth. That being said, it is irrefutable that breakups are extremely painful and you definitely deserve some fun and joy! It’s important to treat yourself and continue to enjoy life even in the midst of the worst breakup.

Here are some of our favorite ways of treating ourselves post breakup!

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1. Food

Chinese food and drink still life.

We might be sad, or even angry. But above all that, we are hungry! A happy belly is the first step in cheering yourself up; so don’t be afraid to treat yourself to a fancy meal, or a cheat day. Cheeseburgers, takeout, ice cream, and nachos… everything and anything is on the table! Well… for this one time at least. Eat what you want, but don’t overeat or you might end up feeling sick from all the food, and we definitely don’t want that!

2. At Home Face Masks

Spa facial mask application

Ah, what better way to relax and enjoy your ‘me time’ than with a great cup of tea, and good book, and your favorite facemask? There is no better way to truly treat yourself than investing in your skin, to make yourself look and feel better in no time!

We absolutely LOVE SW1’s Water Infusion Mask because of the dewy effect is gives our skin! It is inspired by K-beauty trends and helps to rehydrate your skin! It boasts a formula with extremely concentrated Hydro ionized Mineral Water and is saturated with hyaluronic acid, and will make your skin look and feel brighter, revitalized and super soft.

3. Presents from you to you?

Beautiful girl holding artificial heart

We love receiving presents! Its great to receive a parcel and open it with excitement, and find presents inside that we love. The problem is that we don’t always get presents from other people, but what is stopping us from getting presents for ourselves? Subscription boxes work in a similar logic, and every month, the company will send you a box of new things (just like a present).

If you’re into beauty treatments, we recommend the Kira Kira Crate! It features plenty of Japanese beauty products and is shipped from Japan (with free international shipping) all the way to your doorstep! Every month you’ll get 5-6 products tailored to treat your skin, hair and body, as well as a magazine with translations and new routines.

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4. Spa Day!

massage of face for woman in spa salon

Grab your girlfriends and head out for a relaxing day of pampering and fun, because you deserve it! Sure, maybe it might be a little pricey, but you need that little pick-me-up for your skin and for your mood once every blue moon!

We love the spa experience at SW1 Clinic, and I especially love O2 Blush because of how good my skin looks afterwards! It is an oxygen-rich facial that saturates your skin with pure, high concentration oxygen to brighten dull and tired skin. Your face will be radiant and bright after this facial, and you definitely won’t look like someone who just went through a breakup! You’ll look and feel better on the outside and the inside!

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