Change your face shape – No surgery needed!

Do you have a heart-shaped face? Or is it oval or square shaped? We’ve been getting pretty confused by all these face-shape quizzes and you probably have been too. Either way though, we know whether or not we are happy with the shape of our face. Some of us want a slimmer jawline, and others know we want our cheeks to sit a little higher. The point is, we might not be happy with the shape of our face, and that’s okay!

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Four-beautiful-girls-with-a-natural-makeup-000070046107_XXXLarge (1).jpg

Our face shapes are very important… they affect our overall appearance and look, and how people might perceive us. Even the smallest tweak to our jawline or cheekbones could make us miles and miles more attractive than we were before. It’s no wonder that people would resort to extreme measures, ranging from tying a sock around their face to getting multiple surgeries.

Most people might assume that to change something as permanent as your face shape would require surgery, which is both expensive and painful. This is mostly because your face shape is determined mainly by your bone structure, which is extremely difficult to alter. In the past there was no other way, and no other technology to achieve the results of surgery without the surgery. But today, there are so many options besides surgery to achieve the same or similar results.

1. Creating the Illusion of a Different Shape:

If you just want your face looking super defined for a special occasion, or when you’re out and about, you can consider using makeup!

Kat Von D’s Shade + Light Refillable Face Contour Palette has 6 matte shades that cater to everybody’s undertones, and can be used to contour and highlight different parts of your face to create the illusion of a sharper, V-shaped face.

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Make up woman face. Contour and highlight makeup.

2. Botox and Filler Injections

With a tiny injection and a good doctor, you could change the shape of your face. Compared to surgery, this option is truly barely invasive, and will still offer you similar results to surgery. While it wont change your bone structure, it will definitely change your facial appearance and the prominence of different parts of your face for quite a while.

Botox typically lasts three to six months, and fillers six to twelve months. But of course, its longevity depends a lot on the quality of Botox or fillers used, and the amount used in which parts of the face.

Where Botox or fillers are concerned, you need to seek out reputable, experienced and safe clinics to carry out the procedure. With safety measures, checks, and experienced doctors, you run extremely low risks of side effects or mishaps. You should always seek out clinics that have an existing reputation and a satisfied customer base. Additionally, you should also research the types of Botox and Fillers available, and talk to your doctor about the ingredients to ensure that it has been FDA-approved, and safe before proceeding.

(We’ll mention the clinic of our choice a little later!)

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3. V-Sculpt facial Slimming Program

This program is our top choice for anyone who is looking to change the shape of their face without surgery! It comes from SW1, an aesthetics clinic with a great reputation, many new and approved technologies, and a whole host of effective treatments. This program gives you the option to combine Botox treatments with Ultherapy and facials to get the most effective result for your face. The Ultherapy treatment is one of a kind, founded in SW1 that promotes the growth of collagen through medical ultrasound. The 24K Facial will sculpt, lift and refine your face, and even make you look younger!

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