Beauty Treatments Women get in Secret

By Clarice Lee

Secret Beauty Treatments. Kim Kardashian says hers are home laser treatments, while Naomi Campbell vows on staying true to moisturizing at all times and lathering up at least twice a day to withhold the signs of aging. Both have definitely won the attention of many, especially in light of the recent 10-year (before and after) challenge that is blazing up on the internet now.

There must be probably at least One hundred thousand and one beauty secrets that have circulated on the net by now, and we are only at the start of the year. From guaranteeing to looking 10 years younger to 10 pounds lighter with the slightest effort, we discuss trends that are just as shocking as they are (or not) effective.


Your Weight:

A study by Brian Wansink, Ph.D., showed that people dining in an atmosphere where the lighting and music were more soothing consumed almost 200 calories lesser than the ones in the same place with brightly lit lights and blaring music. But how many meals do you need to sit through before losing all that weight you have only dreamt of? Also are you actually capable of losing Cellulite just by merely exercising? And if so, how intense would that have to be?

SW1 has rolled out a program called Onda Body Magic that aims at peeling away even the most advanced stages of cellulite. The electromagnetic field is safely raised to target localized fat deposits, disrupting the fat cells, before being naturally removed by your body’s normal metabolic process. This process also shrinks the collagen fibers in your body, compacting and toning your body tissues.

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Your Face:

Everyone knows to apply SPF daily and amp up your intake of Vitamin C, those are basic baby steps everyone should be religiously partaking in.

But did you know that your pillowcase has just as much influence on your body as aging itself? Using a pillowcase that is soft and silky like satin will reduce friction and skin compression that can occur if you have found comfort sleeping on your belly. Otherwise, if you would like a little extra help, 24K Uplift, as the name suggests, will help you feel like gold. A hybrid facial that integrates clinical ultrasound skin lifting technology with cold laser for toning skin to revitalizing your skin firm and fresh.

Also, SW1 has launched the glass skin program. This program promotes a glass-like after skin complexion that is highly desired and coveted. It integrates laser technology like Pico Smooth to smoothen out acne scars and stimulate collagen production, along with LED RED promising to minimize pore size, that and a real Happy Ending that actually lasts longer, by reducing wrinkles and improving your skin’s own natural healing.

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Your Eyes:

Looking younger also really means being able to look and sight at the things that make you excited about life. Otherwise, you would only be sighing.

In our genetic makeup, it has been decided that the brain is dedicated mostly to vision than the rest of our senses combined. Yet we take the least care of our eyes because we don’t know how to give them the regular care that they deserve.

The Golden Eye Facial is a two-of-a-kind (one for each eye) lift me up that will help you turn back the clock for yourself. HIFU technology is a non-surgical lift used in this treatment. It uses ultrasound technology to penetrate deeply into the skin encouraging collagen growth and tightening of the surrounding skin, recovering tired and rheumy eyes.

Your Energy:

Cliche but true as tea. Learn to vibrate your own good energy into other souls; making them never forget the beauty of your core and who you are as a person. A good person with a flawless face.

Now tell me your secret to looking beautiful.

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