How to Look Amazing with Natural Makeup


It seems like more and more celebrities are opting for natural-looking skin makeup, even on the red carpet. So what’s the secret to looking great with minimal makeup? The secret lies, of course, in beautiful, healthy skin. Here are some ways that you can achieve beautiful glowing skin, and ditch that over-contoured look for good.


1. Milk Peel

What is it?

The Milk Peel is a super gentle peel designed to help you achieve clearer, fairer skin. It utilizes an ultrasonic peeling system as well as gentle fruit acids to impart a smooth, flawless texture to your complexion.

What does it do?

It lightens dull, sallow complexions, surface pigmentation, and blemishes so that cleaner and clearer skin is achieved.

How does it work?

The Milk Peel starts with removal of clogged pores, skin surface impurities, and dead cells with a peeling system that utilizes sound waves. This is followed by the infiltration of skin with a custom blend of mild fruit acids to exfoliate dead cells and lighten skin further.

What are the ingredients?

One of the main ingredients of The Milk Peel is lactic acid, also known as ‘milk acid’. Fittingly, it’s an alpha hydroxyl acid derived from milk and yogurt products. The treatment ends with a skin clearing and whitening serum, which is then finished off with a facial wrap, allowing the skin to rest and regenerate.


2. Glamour Peel

You can’t think about A-list celebrities without associating the word “glamour” with them. Those glitzy gowns, perfect tresses, and of course, award-worthy complexions.

Celebrities don’t just dream a dream of luminous skin when they have to walk down the red carpet. They work for it, with the help of a literal army of beauty gurus, that is. But why should they get all the help? With The Sloane Spa’s Glamour Peel, you too can achieve a flawless complexion.

What is the Glamour Peel?

Glamour Peel is a weekend peel with a red carpet difference. A combination of professional peels is carefully selected for you to deliver a quick all-around improvement by addressing 6 key skin concerns at the same time: dull skin, spots, lines, enlarged pores, overproduction of sebum, and dryness.

What can it do for my skin?

Glamour Peel optimizes the entire cell renewal process to allow your skin to repair itself more quickly and retain moisture a lot better. This results in a gorgeously balanced complexion that’s smooth, supple and clear. In the long term, as healthy skin cells produce more collagen, your natural beauty will begin to shine from within.

Does it have any downtime?

This weekend peel is your ideal skincare partner 1 to 2 days before any important event. Apart from a slight flush for those with sensitive skin, most will just notice the glow and softness of freshly energized skin immediately after the treatment. For best results, it’s recommended to schedule a monthly session for up to half a year.


3. DIY Facials

Alternatively, if you’re looking for results without leaving the comfort of your own home, these gorgeous products are great for DIY facials.

This is an oil-free Aloe Vera Gel containing Glycolic Acid. It helps fight bacteria and increases the rate of natural exfoliation, while helping to promote moisturization by renewing the skin’s natural collagen levels.

Like a shot of energy for the skin, this lotion is derived from black orchid extracts, renowned for its antioxidants. It’s perfect for normal to oily skin types with its uber-lightweight characteristics to deliver optimal hydration without clogging pores.

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