5 Skincare Tips We All Wish We Could Tell Our Younger Selves


Many of us wish that we could turn back time to fix any skincare mistakes we might’ve made when we were younger. It was just something I wasn’t really interested in as I rarely had any trouble with it.

Here are some of the important skincare changes that I would’ve made to my (non-existent) routine.


1. Use sunblock everyday

I never wore sunscreen until I reached my 20s, and it’s something that I still regret. The aftermath of not wearing sunscreen in your earlier years becomes more obvious as you get older. When your skin starts to show signs of pigmentation and dark spots, it’s time to take action. But prevention is always better than cure, so it’s best to start early.


2. Sleep on your back

Man, I wish I knew about this sooner. I only learned this while I was scrolling through beauty websites. Apparently, sleeping on your back helps to reduce pimples on your cheeks and prevent wrinkles. I thought that this was only beneficial for your posture, but sleeping on your back has its skincare benefits as well.


3. Use an essence

To be fair, essences weren’t really a thing in skincare until recently, and the whole Korean skincare routine wasn’t as popular as it is now. Introducing an essence to my skincare routine has made a huge difference in clearing up my skin. There’s an anti-aging element to essence, and it also adds moisture to the skin. Currently, my favorite is Laneige’s White Dew. It’s really gentle on the skin and super hydrating as well.


4. Don’t go overboard with acne treatments

Many of us tend to panic when faced with an acne breakout. But that doesn’t mean that you need to nuke your skin with every skin-clearing product on the market.

That’s not to say that ingredients like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide are bad for you, it just means that moderation is key. Sticking to spot treatments will work better and is a lot less harsh towards your skin.

Products like Clarity Water from The Sloane Shop helps ensure that any problem areas are being taken care of effectively. Instead of applying it to your whole face, it’s recommended that you only apply on your acne spots.


5. Use gentler exfoliants

I used to really get in there when I was younger, using any skin exfoliator that was close by at the time. Well, my skin felt cleaner – but all that scrubbing probably didn’t do it any good. Now that I know better, I exfoliate only once a week with Sloane Inc Crystal Clear Scrub which gently removes any dead skin cells with its ultra-refining micro-crystals.


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