5 Beauty Tricks for an Instant Glow


Living in a fast paced world, we love anything with instant results. But as much as we’d love to pamper yourself every other day, our jam-packed schedules don’t really allow it. Here are my top beauty treatments that’ll give you instant gratification.


1. Sloane Inc 24K Gold Primer S9.3

This primer gives you an instant glow on days where your skin feels dull and lacklustre. By improving circulation, pure gold helps to rejuvenate the skin from the inside out, boosting its natural radiance. I personally love using this under my makeup. It really gives your skin a fabulous inner glow.


2. Crest 3D White Whitestrips 1-Hour Express

These teeth whitening strips give you instant whitening in just one hour. I like to put this on before bed because of teeth sensitivity. But do remember to brush your teeth a few hours before applying if you have sensitive teeth like I do!


3. Go Glow Facial

This award-winning facial at The Sloane Clinic is designed to rapidly and safely resurface skin, polishing off dead cells, encouraging cellular renewal, encouraging your skin to breathe with confidence and clarity once again. Definitely the best for a super glow fix before a hot date.

4. Hardy & Co Pure Argan Invisible Skin Oil

Beauty oils date back hundreds of years. Nowadays, they’re experiencing a resurgence; quickly becoming a favorite of many for skin, body and hair problems. Hardy & Co’s Pure Argan oil is an incredibly lightweight oil that does just that while restoring radiance for a beautiful, healthy glow.

I use this once a day every morning before I leave my house, but if you’re worried about greasiness. Fret not! It’s absorbed into the skin super quickly, and doesn’t irritate sensitive complexions. Plus, it really helps restore your glow factor.

5. Sloane Inc Oxygen Boost Energizing Masque S3.5

If you’re looking to instantly smoothen your skin, this is what you need. When applied, it foams up with tiny bubbles that release oxygen into your skin! Oxygen is key to reviving fatigued, sallow skin and achieve a fresh-from-the-shower glow. The bubbles popping on your face feels really therapeutic too!



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