Bringing Sexy Back


One of the ways you can to pamper yourself is to consider an often neglected part of our bodies – your back. From peek-a-boo shoulders to backless dresses, showing skin can keep you cool and looking fashionable this summer.

Start by going for a Backless facial at The Sloane Clinic. The entire Epicuren procedure can now be performed on your back or chest!

Epicuren is a facial customized for your skin type, improving skin elasticity, clarity, and texture. It also encourages detoxification, and helps speed cell metabolism!


It uses facial-quality products and a clinical grade microdermabrasion therapy with skin-polishing crystals. It’s great for clearing out acne prone or rough back skin. To secure your spot, it’s best to make an appointment a week beforehand.

On days you want to rock that bare back, this “body-cial” will ensure that you don’t have to worry about back acne or a rough back!


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