5 In-Flight Skincare Tips


Going on vacation this summer? If you are, this is perfect for you. A long-haul flight wreaks havoc on your skin. Low humidity in the cabin air draws moisture from your skin, drying it out. You don’t want to arrive at your holiday destination with dry, chapped skin. Luckily, all you have to do is follow these skincare tips to remain radiant even after you step off the plane.


1. #NoMakeup

To minimise stress on your skin, remove your makeup when you’re onboard. Even the longest-lasting makeup isn’t resistant to dry the cabin air, and will eventually start growing cakey, clogging up your pores. Let your skin take a breather.


2. Face Mists Galore

Face mists are your new best friend. They’re portable and super easy to use too. Mist generously on skin before and after your flight to give your skin an extra hydration boost. Once you’ve landed, remember to head to give your skin a quick pick-me-up.

Though face mists are great before and after a flight, be sure not to use them mid-flight. The low humidity in passenger cabins will draw the moisture in the mist away, drying your skin out even further.


3. Moisturise Your Lips

You don’t want dry and cracked lips after a long flight, so be sure to hydrate your pout with a lip mask during the flight. Just 15 minutes and your lips will be as good as new. Subsequently, lock the moisture in with a lip balm every two hours or so.


4. Pack a Hand Cream

The skin on your hands is just as important as the rest of your body. Our hands go through a lot on a daily basis, and reveal the most obvious signs of ageing. Hand creams help you to keep those dark spots and loose skin at bay. Apply dutifully after every hand wash to keep them soft and supple.


5. Drink Up

Last but certainly not least, hydrate yourself by drinking lots of water. On a long flight, most of us forget to drink water, since we’re so comfortably settled in our seats. Avoid dehydration on a plane as it will lead to problems like dry skin and discomfort.


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