5 Slimming Secrets to Get You Summer-Ready


It’s summer, and we finally have the energy to achieve our fitness goals. Check out these slimming secrets that you should follow pronto to get in your best shape, and ready to rock a bikini!

1. Load up on fluids

Water essential for weight loss – it aids digestion, and helps to make you feel less bloated. In just a matter of days, you’ll start to notice a difference. Supplement with a daily serving of Sloane Inc. Detox Tea, served either warm or chilled. Composed of green tea, white tea, guarana, ginseng, this guilt-free health drink detoxes your system in a completely natural way, cleansing your gut sans dry mouth and cramps. You’ll be on your way to a smoking hot bod in no time!

2. Get grilling

Bring your abs back from hibernation with a healthy diet. Plan your meals throughout the day, and make sure that you get all the fruits, veggies, grains, and protein you need. Keep dinner light and easy without worrying about the cleanup by using a grill. Get outside and enjoy some grilled veggies, fish and chicken, seasoned with fresh herbs, and all the natural goodness of wholesome foods.

3. Plan your workout schedule

Schedule your workouts ahead so you won’t be finding any excuses to wriggle your way out of it. Enlist the help of a fitness coach or workout buddy to push you to stick to your plan. If you foresee busy days ahead, ditch your Netflix ‘date-nights-for-one’ to get up earlier, and get your workout out of the way. By not compromising on your fitness regime come rain come shine, you’ll be well rewarded.

4. Get out and about

Take your cardiovascular workout off the treadmill to head outside. Walking or running outdoors is one of the best ways to stay slim. Enjoy the warm sun as you pick up your pace, and get a great workout in for that enviable silhouette that will definitely make heads turn.

5. Get a head start

Fat loss is never a linear process. You make good progress in the beginning, and then you experience a road block, when tired and tested methods simply don’t give you results. These “trouble areas” vary from person to person, with love handles, belly, hips, and thighs being the most common.

If you’re stuck or simply want a head start, Coolsculpting may be the answer. Also know as cryolipolysis, it’s an FDA-approved procedure where fat cells in the targeted areas are cooled to near freezing. The body will then metabolize the crystallized fat cells, and eliminate them from the body without straining the liver.


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