Get IU’s Natural ‘Palette’ Look

It’s deceptively hard to pull off natural makeup, but IU has mastered the art of ‘less is more’, and her latest collab with G-Dragon is no different. From clinical facials to simply laying off the makeup, here’s how you can achieve that dewy glow!


1. Honey Lemon over Caffeine

The secret to looking good comes from within. Try to substitute that cup of coffee with a warm cup of honey lemon water instead. Not only is it delicious and super easy to make, there are also tons of health benefits! Say goodbye to the dreaded caffeine crash – instead, you’ll be feeling extra chirpy. In addition, Vitamin C as well as other antioxidants helps decrease wrinkles and blemishes and combat free radical damage.


2. Go Glow Facial

Go for a facial at a certified beauty clinic. My personal favorite is the Go Glow Facial at The Sloane Clinic. This facial quickly and safely resurfaces skin, polishing off dead and dull cells, encouraging cellular renewal, and gives your skin to breathe with confidence and clarity once again. Of course, it’s great for dull skin, giving it a much needed boost with a unique combination of active serums and creams.


3. Mask, mask mask!

You cannot skip a facial mask when you’re pampering your skin. Not only does it leave your skin feeling plump, hydrated and smooth, it’s also relaxing and smells SOOOO good! My favorites from Innisfree’s It’s Real Squeeze are the aloe vera, green tea and rose.

If you are looking for a higher end product, I suggest Sloane Inc’s White Luminosity Mask! This mask is generously soaked in goodness and leaves my skin softer and fairer after just one use. It’s also cooling on my skin and really refreshing. I like to leave this on for 20 minutes and then massage the remaining on to my face and neck area. When it’s this good, you know you can’t waste a single drop.


4. Makeup Detox

Perhaps the easiest method of all: simply lay off heavy makeup for a week, and see how much your complexion improves when there’s nothing clogging your pores! Of course, you shouldn’t forget your sunscreen! There’s nothing worse for your skin than UV rays. Sloane Inc Sunblock SPF 70 is a great, lightweight sun-protectant perfect for any occasion. What’s more? It’s 100% chemical-free, fragrance-free, and waterproof. I definitely recommend this if you have sensitive skin.


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