The Perfect Chin


What makes a beautiful chin?

Being the lowermost point, the chin gives our face definition and shape. A strong, proportionate chin creates something beautiful, while an over-prominent/receding chin makes us look distinctly unattractive.

Chins are commonly linked to one’s personality. Often, it’s said that a person with a receding chin has low self-esteem. On the contrary, someone with a broad/large chin are known to have a strong character. We’ve seen enough of our idols to know what an ideal female chin is – more pointed and triangular than its male counterpart, which is both squarer and broader.


For those who cringe at the idea of undergoing surgery, there’s always the option of makeup. When you shade under the apples of your cheeks and jawline, it creates the illusion that your face is more defined than it actually is, sharpening the chin. There are tons of tutorials on the Internet that teach you how to do this, and all you need in addition to your usual lineup is a good bronzer, highlighter, and a foundation suited to your skin tone.

Filler Injections

More often than not, Caucasians tend to have longer, sharper chins than Asians. There are surgical and non-surgical options for the procedure, depending on the degree of correction required.

“For those seeking a more subtle improvement, or those who want to have an idea what they would look like with an augmented chin, natural fillers would be a good option”, says Dr Tan Ying Chien, consultant Plastic Surgeon at The Sloane Clinic Plastic Surgery Centre. Fillers are also excellent for contouring the lower face. “Fillers placed here will smoothen the jawline, and lift sagging jowls. In expert hands, the results can be very natural, and aesthetically pleasing.”

Chin Implant

A surgical method of augmenting the chin is via the insertion of a silicone implant.

It’s a simple procedure that leaves no external scars, and only takes about 20 minutes, performed under local anaesthesia. Before the procedure, the doctor will determine the best size of implant with the patient. Most patients worry about an unnatural outcome, but this can easily be avoided with a keen aesthetic eye, and communication between doctor and patient.


For those who cringe at the idea of having an implant in their body, there’s an alternative way of contouring the chin: via manipulation of the jaw bone. The procedure, also known as sliding genioplasty, involves cutting the bone, repositioning the jaw, then securing it with titanium plates and screws. Sounds scary, right? It’s actually surprisingly simple. It can be done via an incision in the mouth so that it leaves no scars, and takes about the same time as a chin implant!

Chin implants can slide out of position, but this doesn’t happen in genioplasties because the bone is fixed in its new position. Not only can it augment a receding chin, but it can also correct an overly large chin by sliding the bone backwards.

A beautiful chin makes a face look proportionate, confident, and goes a long way in making someone look beautiful. With different options available for chin augmentation, it’s important to choose the best option for you.


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