Beauty Cheatsheet


Amidst the explosion of beauty fixes, how do we handpick the ones that will truly make a difference? Ever wondered how youthful-looking celebrities really beat the aging clock? According to statistics, breast, nose and eyelid augmentations are the top three most popular plastic surgery procedures. But why do some ladies come out looking so much better than others? We bring you tips, trends and inside news from medical aesthetic professionals, plastic surgeons, beauty experts and industry insiders so you have what it takes to stay at the top of your game. As a special treat, we also have a self-defense expert lined up to give you some valuable tips on how you can combat real-life danger using simple techniques.

Join us at our exclusive high tea event for an informative beauty talk and have all your burning questions answered!

If you live in Singapore, and interested in some common health and beauty issues, this is definitely something to watch out for. This upcoming event by The Sloane Clinic touches on issues such as cosmetic surgery, and even self-defense techniques from a certified trainer! For more information, just drop by The Sloane Clinic’s official website here. See you there!


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