Top 5 Skin Sins


STOP! In the name of skin. Sometimes we are our worst enemies when it comes to caring for our skin. Do you know that in your very quest for perfection, you may be sabotaging yourself instead? Here are the biggest sins you may be committing, according to dermatologists and skin experts.


1. STOP: OverExfoliating

Exfoliation is a useful step to remove the buildup of dead skin which can cause clogging and dullness. It’s especially useful for people with acne-prone skin, reducing comedones.

But the thing is, we want to remove excess, dead skin – not healthy skin. Too much exfoliation and you risk doing the latter. You’ll damage the skin barrier, and your body reacts by mounting an inflammatory response. Your skin starts to feel dry, irritated and sensitive, turning red easily, especially after applying skin products.

How much is too much? Exfoliation should be done once, at most twice a week. If you feel that your skin is starting to feel tight, dry, and become red easily, you may be exfoliating too much, and it’s time to cut back.

START: Enzyme Peels

A newer way to dissolve dead cells uses natural enzymes found in whole fruits such as papayas and pumpkins. Not only does it do the job more effectively, it’s less harsh on your skin, and leaves skin cells quenched with vital vitamins and nutrients. Ahhh…


2. STOP: Going For The Cheapest

While the most expensive is not always the best, your alarm bells should be ringing if a deal comes along that seems too good to be true – especially if it is a skin treatment. Many choose to go overseas to get their filler and Botox done, often at a non-certified practice to save mone.

There are many counterfeit brands of Botulinium toxins and fillers out there accompanying the boom in facial aesthetic industry. These products are very  dangerous, which can result in no effects if you are lucky, or asymmetry, infections, and permanent scarring if you are not.

“The difference between an original treatment that has been FDA approved and a bootleg version is better efficacy with lower risk of side effects and most of all, peace of mind” says Dr Toby Hui, Consultant aesthetic doctor at The Sloane Clinic. The original Botox and reputable filler brands are expensive – so if your injector is offering them at a cheap price, you might want to think twice.


3. STOP: Touching Your Face

We do it subconsciously, and some of us do it more than others. Touching our faces can be a nervous tic, or simply a matter of habit. Whatever the case is, touching our faces excessively always causes problems.

We spread bacteria and viruses through our hands. In fact, we may be unwittingly introducing germs into our bodies when we touch a surface (like a table), then rub our noses.

Rubbing our eyes often causes damage to the delicate under-eye skin: premature ageing occurs, and dark eye circles worsen. “A big problem is the picking of pimples. This invariably leads to scarring, and the spreading of bacteria, causing even more pimples to pop up!

Unfortunately, compulsive face picking or rubbing can be a deeply-rooted psychological problem which needs professional help. Psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, or even medications can help the problem.

START: Caring for your skin uwing gentle photomodulation lights such as LED Red which has the potential to speed up skin healing and minimize redness. I love Deep Red facials to help settle troubled skins and balance sensitive complexions.


4. STOP: Using Products NOT Meant For The Face On The Face

You’ll be surprised at how common this is. It may be misinformation, or just bad sense, but many are quick to experiment with potentially harmful products on the face.

The most common example of this is using hair bleach to lighten skin. There’ve been many cases of women who give themselves chemical burns with this method. When the burns heal, the skin over those areas darken – ironically giving the opposite effect of that they wanted in the first place.

START: Using multi-tasking products that can be benefit your skin in diverse ways. Youth Oil, one of my go-to skin saviors is an organic rosehip elixir that doubles as an under-eye moisturizer, lip salve and an all-over dry skin rescue. Comes in an easy rollerball applicator which means discreet touch-ups are possibles whenever wherever.


5. STOP: Using Too Many Skin Products

Believe it or not, too much of a good thing can actually be bad for you. Slathering on too much of even the best skin care may cause problems for your skin. Many anti-acne products, such as retinoids and salicylic acid, can cause skin dryness and irritation when used in excess. Skin whitening products, such as glycolic acids and hydroquinone will cause problems when used in excess as well.

START: Using a good cleanser that can deep cleanse your skin thoroughly, removing all traces of makeup and other forms of buildup. If a deep pore cleanse with good sud action is what you yearn, look no further than Ice Souffle, guaranteed to leave your complexion tingling fresh and squeaky clean.




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