The Perfect Eyelashes


Everyone loves a set of long, luscious eyelashes. Yes, we all know that they make your eyes look beautiful, but up until recently, we knew very little about what exactly our eyelashes are for.

Fortunately, science has given us the answer: They exist to protect our eyes from drying out. Scientists performed a series of tests on mammals who have eyelashes, conducting wind tunnel experiments and complex air flow studies. They found that eyelashes actually help slow down the air around the eyes, reducing evaporation, and hence, helping to prevent the eyes from drying out too fast.


Longer is not always better

Another interesting fact is that eyelashes perform the best when their length measures about 1/3rd the eye width. At this length, they create an effective stagnation zone above the eye, decreasing stress caused by wind. On the other hand, eyelashes which are too long have the opposite effect: they can actually channel air flow towards the eyes, causing them to dry out faster.

The Ideal Eyelashes

We associate long, thick eyelashes with femininity and attractiveness. The late Elizabeth Taylor was always admired for her beautiful eyelashes. In fact, she was born with Distichiasis: a condition which gave her two rows of eyelashes! False eyelashes are an easy way to obtain E.Taylor-esque lashes. Hardy & Co. Lush Lash is an FDA approved medication which allows you to grow your eyelash length with continued use!

Fortunately, there is a correlation between aesthetics and functionality: while long eyelashes are beautiful, you’ll start to look strange if they’re too long. Eyelash hair density should be sufficient, with no gaps in between, to give a dark, full appearance. Finally, the perfect eyelashes are upturned so that they frame the eyes without obstructing the eye itself. A good mascara such as Bare Escentuals Buxom Lash Mascara will work wonders to give upturned, thicker eyelashes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, and the eyelashes – the frames to the windows. A good frame will enhance the eyes, making them look more youthful and lively.


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