City Life Skin Woes

Life in the city can be particularly tough on your skin. The past few weeks have been particularly tough for me as I haven’t gotten much sleep, and wow, it’s definitely taking a toll on my skin, not to mention the traffic I have to wade through everyday to get to work. Thankfully, with the daily use of these products, my skin condition seems to be improving. Read on to find out more!

Packed with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients, Anti-Acne Tonic (Anti-shine formula) noticeably reduced the size of my angry pimples after about a week of usage. It’s super easy to use too! Just a spritz of this daily tonic, and your skin will be treated to a deep dermal detox.

Innisfree’s Catechin Skin Clinic Mask is another one of my favorites. It actually contains real catechin (found mostly in green tea extracts), which cleans and firms skin at the same time! Other ingredients work to cure your skin troubles, including wrinkles and dullness. A must-have for anyone who lives in the city.

Another product that I love is Purity which soothed my skin and made me feel totally relaxed after a long day. This soothing aqueous gel heals red, stubborn acne, and reduces inflammation. I also heard that it improves uneven skin tone when used regularly, so I’m really looking forward to that!

Skin Rescue is another holy grail product for when your skin gets really sensitive and irritated (read: that time of the month). Its is an overnight acne attacker with oil absorbing, anti-inflammatory, and pigment-preventing properties. It combats acne, and for those suffering from rosacea, it also helps to reduces skin redness. Use the product as instructed by your physician for maximum effectiveness!


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