Your Pre-date Beauty Checklist


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and some lucky guy you also kinda fancy has just scored a date with you this February 14th! You’re not dying to impress (seriously, a date is only what it is until it becomes something more right?), but you realize you’ve left some grooming details to the last minute.

Well, fret not, Cinderella! Here are some practical solutions to looking fabulous and feeling prepared for date night!


Babelicious glowing complexion

First, be comfortable in your own skin. Most guys love the au naturale, barely made-up face. If you haven’t been taking care of your skin lately, don’t plan on slapping on the war paint on date night yet! Opt for a fast, clinical fix such as a pampering facial that will leave your complexion glowing before your hot date. I like The Sloane Clinic’s Go Glow Facial, an award winning skin illuminating facial that quickly polishes skin and uses not one but two masques to revive and invigorate dull skin instantly for that radiant, dewy soft look.

To maintain that dewy skin you already have, try Hardy & Co.’s Dewy Skin Champagne Mist. This product is formulated with champagne grape extracts to refresh and hydrate skin for that fresh faced look.

On date night, drop the powdered blush and opt for liquid or cream-based blush. My cheat sheet for a fake natural rosy cheeks on date night itself is Hardy & Co’s Blush Flush. This comes in a glass rollerball applicator that is designed to melt the fluid into the cheeks, for that effortless, healthy glow.


Healthy pouty lips

Ever had a guy stare you dreamily in the eyes and then have the worst moment when he asked you if you’re dehydrated as soon as he looks at your lips? Be warned! I’ve since mended my lip picking ways by moisturizing with many different brands of lip balms. My holy grail for locking moisture in my dry, chapped lips, short of getting professional help isLaniege’s Lip Sleeping Mask. This is probably the only product that will not completely dry off while you sleep, so your lips are supple and smooth by morning.

For those with thin lips seeking more natural-looking volume, or have poorly defined lip borders, you may need to consider picking that pout up at the doctor’s office with small injections of hyaluronic acid fillers. These fillers have great safety profiles and also feel extremely natural. The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Lips is a hydrating injection for lips that plumps just enough to smoothen fine lines and is excellent for those who need just a soft touch of magic on their lips.Warning: Have these done at least 5 days before date night just in case you are extremely unlucky and need time to nurse any bruise caused by the injection.

On date night, try boosting your natural lip colour with a lip stain or tint rather than covering it up with lipstick. Some lip stains tend to try the lips out, so be careful there! YSL’s Volupté Tint-In-Balm is the newest kid on the block, a cross between a nourishing lip balm and tinted colour so you get the best of both worlds!


Smooth baby soft skin

Remember that time when you thought that since no one is going to touch you anyway, you didn’t shave or wax? Save yourself from a hairy moment on date night and get a hair removal treatment early! Personally, I find shaving ineffective for the truly smooth and hair-free period it confers, and waxing a colossal ball ache. Try a medical-grade laser permanent hair removal The Sloane Clinic or any other reputable medical clinic, whether its for the body or face, even brazilian. It is pricier, but you won’t look to wax again, ever.

And there you have it, your tips on getting Valentine’s Day-ready. Plus, these treatments aren’t going anywhere upon the stroke of midnight. Get ready, set, glow!


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