Eye of the Beholder


You know what they say: “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. After scouring the most popular under-eye products and treatments available on the market, I’ve uncovered beauty aficionados who’ve actually tried them, documenting their honest reviews through blood, sweat and tears.


Preparation H

What is it: Preparation H/Haemorroidal cream (sounds strange, but hear me out).

How it works: Constricts blood vessels, minimising puffiness and discolouration of under-eye area.

Upside: Very cheap. It’s available in most drugstores, and the effects are immediately visible!

Downside: Not a long lasting option, eye area returned to its original state the next day. Also, the idea of applying haemorroidal cream to your under-eyes may not be for everyone.

‘Turn back the clock’ factor: A good’s night rest.

Verdict: Definitely worth a try as a quick but temporary pick-me-up.


Metal Spoon

What is it: Metal spoon chilled in the freezer.

How it works: The cold metal causes blood vessels to constrict, hopefully minimising puffiness and dark eye circles.

Upside: It actually feels pretty soothing to the touch, and there’s some immediate effect to puffiness. The best part? It’s free.

Downside: Doesn’t last very long, a few hours at best. Very small improvement to puffiness. Sadly, there’s no improvement to dark eye circles.

‘Turn back the clock’ factor:

Verdict: Difference is too small for me to bother.


Revitalift Eye

What is it: Revitalift Eye

How it works: Micro-droplets of hyaluronic acid are placed under the skin using a series of tiny injections to stimulate collagen production, brightening and firming the skin.

Upside: Immediate effect, visible reduction in lines and dark eye circles which improves after 2 weeks!

Downside: 1-2 pin pricks per side, though painless, not for faint-hearted.

‘Turn back the clock’ factor: 2-3 years.

Verdict: Good results immediately after, and they actually last!

Infini Skin Tightening

What is it: Radiofrequency (RF) skin tightening with needles.

How it works: Essentially a combination of micro-needling and radiofrequency. A handpiece with needles is inserted into skin to deliver RF energy. Supposedly melts fat and tightens skin at the same time.

Upside: Slight reduction in eye bags after 1 session.

Downside: Downtime a little longer than expected, plus bruising from the needles, and redness of skin after. Multiple sessions are required for optimal results.

‘Turn back the clock’ factor: 1 year.

Verdict: Downtime is too much for me. The improvement isn’t quite worth the downtime after one session. Personally, this is not my cup of tea.

Fractional Laser

What is it: Fractional CO2 laser.

How it works: Resurfaces and renews damaged/aged skin, replacing it with more younger skin, and stimulating collagen production.

Upside: Smooths the skin, and reduces the appearance of fine lines.

Downside: Downtime of 3-5 days, doesn’t do much for eye bags. Best after a series of sessions.

Turn back the clock’ factor: 3-4 years.

Verdict: On the fence. Downtime is acceptable for the improvement in skin quality.


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