How to Look Fab Even After Work

After an entire day of work, getting ready for a big night out can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, we have the key to looking fab from the office straight to dinner. These products work double-time to make you feel and look fresh as a daisy even after a gruelling 9 to 5.

1. Colour Riche® La Palette Nude

This palette comes in three different finishes –  shimmery satin, buttery matte, and lustrous sheen. Reapplying eye-makeup after work is just too troublesome and let’s face it – ain’t nobody got time for that. A simple look or a nude smokey eye with these colours will make your eyes pop.

The lighter shades also double as highlighter, and the darker ones are suitable for a little contouring. So convenient!

2. Benetint

Where have you been if you’ve never heard of Benetint? This cult favourite gives you a sheer, delightful tint that lasts for hours. Not only that, it’s multipurpose. You can use it for a hint of rosiness on your cheeks or your lips. After work, swipe this across your cheeks and lips and you’ll instantly look a lot more energetic.

3. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer

This concealer works wonders on – you guessed it – concealing. Dark circles, under-eye puffiness, and fine lines, are all no match for this product. All of your eye area dilemmas are put to rest.

4. Sloane Inc YOUTH

You know that thing that happens when your eyeliner smudges at the end of your work day and it won’t come off no matter how much you wipe? Tugging at the area around your eyes causes wrinkles to form prematurely. Fortunately, the solution to that is very simple. Using this little wonder removes smudged eyeliner in a jiffy. Made of 100% organic rosehip oil, this instant roll-on will take care of those unsightly smudges.


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