Bright Eyes, Bright Life


Bright eyes are the key to looking fresh and awake in the morning. If you don’t want to spend too much effort applying eye makeup, here are some tips and tricks that you can use to tackle sleepy eyes and look you’ve already had that second cup of coffee.


1. Coat those lashes

Mascara is a must for those of us who want to make our eyes look brighter and more lifted in the morning. Curled lashes improve your overall look, making you seem that you added in that extra bit of effort into your morning routine when really, it’s just mascara.

A product that I like to use is Maybelline’s The Colossal Big Shot™ Washable Mascara in Very Black. It’s affordable, and does exactly what it says on the tin.


2. Highlight your brow bone

Swipe on some highlighter on your brow bone for instantly brighter eyes. I usually blend with my fingers to distribute the product evenly and gently into my skin. You want to use a nude highlighter for this, for me, I like to use Essence Pure Nude Highlighter, but you have to choose according to your skin tone for a more natural look.


3. Fillers for temples and upper eyelids

For a more permanent solution to reduce sunken eyes, this specialised technique fills up sunken temples and highlights flattened brows to lift your upper eyelids, giving your eyes a larger appearance instantaneously. For those worried about pain, you don’t have to. A light anaesthetic will be applied to the treatment area so you won’t feel any unnecessary discomfort.

It gives a similar effect to highlighting your brow bone, except that you don’t have to do it every morning!


4. Don’t forget your eyebrows

If eyes are the window to your soul, then eyebrows are the window frame! Nothing makes your eyes look more dull and lifeless than sparse eyebrows. But not everyone has been blessed with glorious, full eyebrows like Cara Delevingne. Fortunately, there’s many things you can do to fix that.

Of course, the easiest way to go about is to use an eyebrow pencil. Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow is a great alternative to more expensive products. It comes in four different colors to match your hair, and it’s very pigmented for easy application.

Alternatively, hair transplantation is quickly growing to be a new fad. I know what you’re thinking, but hair transplantation isn’t just for balding, middle-aged men. With ARTAS, you can enjoy a non-invasive experience and the best part? The procedure won’t scar as it harvests individual hairs from various locations on the head. Permanent results with no upkeep – who could ever ask for more?


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