5 Golden Beauty Buys to Die For


If you buy anything this season, make sure it’s gold.

With the holiday season right around the corner, the golden gods have delivered a myriad of wearable gold products that aren’t at all tacky. Whether you’re inspired by Pat McGrath’s Gold 001 or Cleopatra and her smoky, gold-leaf eyes, there is something for you.

Here are the 6 best gilded buys of the season that everyone’s talking about.

24K Gold Skin Primer S9.3.jpg

Sloane Inc 24K Gold Primer S9.3

This age-defying treatment combines pure gold with the power of antioxidants & botanicals to enhance skin’s elasticity, firmness & smoothness. What’s more? It’s sprinkled with flecks of pure 24K gold, and they’re not stingy with it at all. You can really see the sprinkles of gold suspended in the clear serum.


Dior Limited Edition Nail Polish in Vernis’

This colour was made for the holiday season, and what better time to use it than now? This nail polish features tiny flecks of silver, gold, red, plum and metallic mauve. No matter your taste, you’re sure to find the right colour to suit your outfit and mood.


Giorgo Armani Eye Tint in Gold Ash

For a dramatic look, try Armani’s new release. It solidifies in seconds, and stays put all night, so you don’t have to worry about having to do touch-ups through the night like you’d have to with a regular eye gloss.


Sloane Inc Gold Glow Recovery Mask S3.1

This cream mask is bursting at the seams with multivitamins and pure gold specks – a favourite of celebs looking to keep their skin camera-ready. Active ingredients increase skin moisture and oxygen intake, leaving you with amazingly glowy skin in 20 minutes or less.


Urban Decay Heavy Metal Liquid Eyeliner

One thin stroke of this glittery gold eyeliner is all you need to achieve a simple yet glam look. It’s definitely one of the more lightweight eyeliners on the market, containing super-fine glitter in a clear base, but it really stays put.


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