Detox Tea


These days, detox teas are becoming a steadily growing trend. Each tea bag contains a special blend of herbs that cleanses your body of built up toxins that make us look and feel terrible.

Contrary to what you might think, your diet doesn’t have to be perfect all the time. Everyone gets tired of broccoli and steamed chicken breasts eventually. What to do after a cheat day? Detox tea helps your body to get back in order with the help of a good sweat, and lots of water.


Detox teas have both immediate and long-term benefits. Though there are many different kinds, most will speed up your metabolism for the day and help with toxin elimination at night. You’ll notice clearer skin and better digestive health overall as you incorporate detox tea into your routine over time.

Of course, if you add a workout regimen and a healthy diet to the mix, the effects will be even more significant.


Keep an eye out for ingredients like rose extracts, goji berry, senna leaf, and fenugreek seed, which are all extremely cleansing and beautifying. Over the years, there’ve been countless varieties of detox teas. But Sloane Inc’s Skinny Body Cleansing Tea is one of the best on the market.

Fruity yet cleansing, it is packed energising antioxidants, which prevent fatigue and aging in the long run. What’s more? Its caffeine-free formula helps ease your body into a balanced and relaxed state, while giving your system a good overnight cleanse without wreaking havoc on your bodily clock.


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