The Ultimate 6-Day Routine


Whether it be for prom, a wedding, or just plain wanting to look good, here are some easy ways you can look and feel your best in just six days.


Clean out your diet!

Just remove the gluten, dairy, alcohol, coffee and processed sugar from your diet – it’s as simple as that. Your body will notice the difference almost immediately, and you will have more energy to last throughout the day.

For that added kick, you can even make a smoothie with frozen fruits and unsweetened soy/almond milk.


Get a facial!

Every once in a while, you should pamper your skin. Bacteria and skin debris can cause increased sebum production, leading to acne and other problems. Products like the Sloane Inc Water Infusion Mask help cleanse the skin of impurities for a fresh, healthy glow.


Go green!

Incorporate a green juice into your routine. You’ll be amazed at how much six bottles of juice a day can do for your body. These days, heavily processed foods are commonplace, and a juice cleanse will help flush your system of any toxins. Increasing your water intake is also key to maintaining healthy skin.


Stay organized!

If you’re going to be out all day, make sure to stock up on your favorite products. You can put them in a small makeup pouch for easy, on-the-go application.


Treat yourself with a massage!

Lympatic and ayurvedic massages do wonders for aching muscles and tired skin. Once a month should do the trick, but if you have the means, there’s no harm in getting them more often. In tandem with your massage, you can also get a moisturising body wrap. It will help to magnify the effects of the massage, soothing tight muscles with aromatic oils.



The devil’s in the details. Nails are often a beauty afterthought, but a manicure plus pedicure can finish of your look with a dash of fabulous.


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