4 Beauty Products that are 100% Worth the Investment


It’s far too easy to be pulled into clever advertising, so how do you know when something is truly worth sinking your money into? Fortunately, here at Science of Pretty, we’ve done your research for you. From lip balm to BB cream, we’ve come up with a selection of tried and tested products that are definitely the real deal.

tata harper.jpg

Tata Harper Be Smitten Lip Treatment

The newest from Tata Harper’s lip balm collection comes in a vibrant shade of mauve. This product, unlike many other lip tints, keep your lips looking pretty without drying them out. Apart from increasing lip volume, it’s also super hydrating though not at all greasy, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and vertical lip lines. This is definitely a must-have for anyone with chapped lips.


Laurel Whole Plant Organics Antioxidant Facial Mask

For those of us who prefer organic, chemical-free products, this is it. Laurel Whole Plant Organics’ Facial Mask: Antioxidant is crafted from a selection of fully organic ingredients. Rhassoul clay improves skin’s firmness and clarity, while Nettle, Acai, Noni, and Lemon Balm leaves your skin with a healthy glow.


Hardy & Co. Restorative & Calming Skin Healing Mist

This is one of our favourite products. It’s light on the skin, and doesn’t have an overpowering smell like a lot of other facial mists do. Most important of all, however, are the blueberry stem cell extracts infused in the mixture. The extracts act as an antioxidant, restoring your skin’s physiological balance and guarding against bacterial stress. With just two uses a day, your skin will regain a healthy glow.


Sloane Inc Anti Pigment BB Cream S7.6

Pigmented and dull skin? Sloane Inc.’s Anti Pigment BB Cream will save the day! BB Cream has always been touted as nothing short of a miracle, though more often that not, they seem to fall short. But we’re happy to report that Sloane Inc.’s Anti Pigment BB Cream does exactly what it promises. It visibly lightens blemishes with regular use, restoring the skin’s original pigment to prevent uneven splotches. Plus, it also acts as a protectant against the sun.


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