The Cure For Lacklustre Skin – Pt. 2


Following up from last week’s post, we’ll be talking about The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Treatment once again. Will the treatment prove effective for another patient? Find out more under the cut!

Just to recap, The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Treatment is a minimally-invasive treatment aimed at restoring your skin’s hyaluronic acid (HA) levels. Hyaluronic acid is key to maintaining healthy, glowing skin. How does it work? The newly introduced hyaluronic acid (via microinjections) resuscitates tired skin by restoring its physiological function and optimising cellular activity. By increasing moisture retention from within, the skin grows more resistant to dehydration, and regains its firmness.


Meet Melody, the latest customer to undergo the Revitalift Treatment. Her skin looks a little dark, with pink spots of discolouration clearly visible in the area around her cheeks. There are also some under-eye wrinkles, though her eyebags aren’t quite as obvious. The main issue here appears to be dull skin and discolouration.


After the treatment, Melody looks much better. She got lip, nose, and jaw fillers, making her features look a lot more defined overall. Her jawline looks sharper, less rectangular, and her skin has a healthy, translucent glow to it.

Both the discolouration in her cheeks and under-eyes have faded somewhat, though they are still visible upon closer inspection. The difference, however, is still there. After a few more sessions, the splotchiness will likely disappear entirely.

There’s no mistaking it – The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Treatment is extremely helpful in returning your skin to it’s best, original state. Results are near to immediate, and the disruption to your daily life is kept to a minimal as you can resume your usual activities directly after. Once again, we highly recommend this treatment if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to rejuvenate your skin.


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