The Cure For Lacklustre Skin


Time stops for no one, leaving behind subtle brushstrokes of lines and wrinkles. The hyaluronic acid (HA) in the deeper layer of our skin is progressively being depleted, beginning as early as our early 20s. Not only is HA concentration responsible for skin hydration, turgor and resilience, it also helps to promote collagen production.

While it may seem insignificant, a HA deficit in our skin causes visible problems – visible skin laxity, rough texture, dryness and wrinkles. How to restore it, you ask? Here at Science Of Pretty, we have the perfect solution for all your skin woes.

The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Treatment replenishes HA levels in skin, for a healthy glow that radiates youth from within. Many people have tried it, and they’ve all walked away satisfied with the results of this minimally-invasive treatment. But for the sake of keeping things neat and tidy, we’ll only be talking about one particular patient and her experiences with the Revitalift Treatment.


Serene is 19 years old, Chinese, and shown above are pictures of her before the Revitalift Treatment. Dark eye circles are clearly visible, with pinpricks of discolouration scattered across the entire surface. While she may be young, the healthy, youthful glow just isn’t there, but it’s nothing we can blame her for. At her age, long, sleepless nights spent studying can wreak havoc on your skin, causing various chemical imbalances and increased sebum production.

The treatments she opted for were quick, easy, and minimally-invasive, aiming to lighten her dark eye circles and bring the glow back to her skin. In the Revitalift Treatment, tiny drops of hyaluronic acid are infused into the skin, distributed evenly throughout area via a series of microinjections.

The newly introduced hyaluronic acid then begins to resuscitate tired skin by restoring its physiological function and optimizing cellular activity. By increasing collagen levels and moisture retention from within, the skin grows more resistant to dehydration, and regains its firmness.


Immediately after the treatment, the results were more than apparent. Serene’s eye circles faded slightly, and while the pin-prick marks from the microinjections remained, her skin looks firmer and lighter. Even without anaesthetic cream, Serene reported the procedure to be painless, with no bruises appearing because of how delicate and fine the needles were.

Hyaluronic acid is truly amazing in restoring tired, aging skin. Thanks to an exclusive patented bio-synthesis process, the pure hyaluronic acid used by The Sloane Clinic is highly identical to our own skin’s polymer – readily getting incorporated and metabolized by our skin’s natural processes.


But that’s not it, the Revitalift Treatment only gets better. After a few more sessions, new life has been breathed into Serene. Her skin looks bright, dewy and firm, with none of the previous lines and discolouration left behind. Her dark eye circles have also been reduced significantly, making her look more energetic than before.

As the skin is strengthened and its physiological function reactivated, the Revitalift boasts an impressive list of capabilities. Not only is it a skin rejuvenating complexion booster on its own, it is also ideal for maximizing and sustaining the results of other anti-aging treatments such as the Light Lift, Thermage, or dermal fillers.

Our verdict? The Sloane Clinic’s Revitalift Treatment is the real deal. One can resume their usual activities immediately after a session, and the infusion of hyaluronic acid does miracles for rejuvenating the skin, with results being near to immediate. If you’re looking for a quick way to restore skin quality, we highly recommend undergoing this no fuss, no muss treatment.


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