The Benefits of Applying Milk to Your Hair and Skin

The Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, attributed her smooth skin and beauty to a secret ingredient – milk.  Milk contains lactic acid – which has anti-aging properties such as the smoothening of wrinkles and it also helps to preserve the whiteness of the skin. Read on to discover more benefits that milk has on your skin!

Lactic Acid

The presence of lactic acid in milk allows the skin to rejuvenate itself more quickly which is why using raw milk on your face as a facial cleanser helps to remove all impurities from your skin. It is especially good for those with oily skin as it removes oil soluble impurities and balances your skin.  Upon the first use, your skin instantly feels softer and cleaner.

Research also shows that raw milk is good for exfoliating as the lactic acid helps to mildly scourge excess dead cells of the skin’s surface, revealing soft skin underneath. For those who are suffering from acne, raw milk works wonders as well as the lactic acid fights off microbes that are responsible for it. It cleanses the skin of excess oils and dirt which clogs the pores.

There are also spas that offer milk facials and baths. The Sloane Clinic’s Milk Peel is a gentle skin peeling system designed to help you achieve clearer and fairer skin easily and effectively. One of the main ingredients of The Milk Peel is lactic acid, also known as ‘milk acid’ as it is a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid derived from milk and yoghurt products. The treatment ends with gentle permeation of a skin clearing & whitening serum and is finished off with a facial wrap, which allows the skin to rest and regenerate.

Other than for your skin, lactic acid that is present in milk is also great for hair care. With hair that has become dry and scaly, lactic acid and other mild acids relax and smooth the hair, making it more manageable. Milk is also a natural hair conditioner. For smoother and shinier hair, spray milk all over your hair, keep it in for 10-15 minutes and simply wash with cold water.

Perhaps sometimes, the best beauty solutions have been provided to us by Mother Nature!



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