Skin Partners: Sometimes The Best Partners Makes All The Difference In Life


Life would be so much simpler if you had your skincare routine down to a science. From after-gym to before bedtime, these are some products that are guaranteed to be your best skin partners for life.


When travelling, the last thing you want to do is pack bottles of products on your trip. Compact is key, and it’s even better when you can bring it on the plane with you. I love it when products provide double-duty action.

Heal oil: a quick roll across the under eyes and any dehydrated facial zones for a deep and lasting pick-me-up. This is great for replenishing and soothing tired, dull skin especially on long flights where my skin tends to get very dry. I love the fact that it is roller ball and can be cleaned so easily with an alcohol swab. I bring this everywhere with me, even when I’m not travelling abroad.

Argan Infinity Cream Intensive: This product can be used on your skin, lips, eyebrows, hair – everywhere! It is an overall hydrator which starts as a cream and melts into an oil form to tame what needs taming!


Should you wear makeup to the gym? Definitely not! But you do have to make sure that your skin is fresh and and you stay protected from the sun when you excercise outdoors.

Ice Souffle: deeply cleanses, dissolves grime, and fights acne crimes in an easy-rinse, skin refreshing formula. Great for anti-acne, skin clarifying, long lasting shine control.

Sunscreen SPF50: keep yourself protected against the sun with this sun-shielding superhero. The super lightweight formula forms a breathable shield to safeguard your skin from the sun.



Age Defy S9.7_FrontWhen choosing your life partner, you want to choose someone whom you trust, love, and can depend on for the rest of your life. It’s no different with skincare products, where you want to pick one which you can trust to maintain and make your skin look well-maintained and flawless.

Age Defy: You can’t go wrong with something with as solid a foundation as Age defy. Power packed with potent, clinical-grade anti-aging skincare actives, you are never too young or too old to invest in your skin’s future. Great for youth-enhancing, anti-aging, glow-inducing effects.


Sleeping Beauty did not just wake up looking gorgeous without a little bit of help.

Sleeping Peel: Our bet is on Sleeping Peel, an overnight time-released gentle glycolic acid skin renewal formula ensures you wake up with baby soft skin every morning. Great for refining texture, closing pores and rejuvenating.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask: For silky smooth skin in the morning, this product would do just the trick! It uses a SLEEP-TOX™ technology which has purifying effects to help to rejuvenate and normalize skin that is often fatigued and sensitized by stress during the day. This helps the skin to achieve a well-rested appearance the next morning.


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