10 Steps to Clearer Skin


The trick to a healthy skin lies in diligently keeping up a certain clarifying routine. I’ve found that over the past years, keeping to a single routine has helped me maintain my skin and also allowed me to pin-point the exact cause of a skin breakout when I get them. The reason being, I know exactly what goes on my skin, what works, and what doesn’t. Below the cut are 10 steps women with clear skin swear by, and why you should be adopting these good habits.

  1. Wash your face twice daily

No matter how tired you are, washing your face twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening, is always important in maintaining clean and clear skin. In the mornings, I use Sloane Inc Vanilla Silk Cleanser S2.2 on my face. This cleanser is gentle enough to use in the morning and not strip my face off its natural oils.

Vanilla Silk Cleanser S2.2_Front

In the evening, I remove my make-up with Banila Co Clean it Zero Cleaning Balm. Followed by The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam. My skin feels super smooth afterwards.


2. Always cleanse with lukewarm water

Washing your face with how water would dry your skin overtime and even cause damage, while cold water would not dissolve and take away embedded dirt and grime. The best temperature to wash your face with is tepid water.

3. Have a go-to acne treatment

Skin Detox S5.8_Front

In acne’s case, it’s always better to prevent rather than cure. At the first signs of a blemish, tackle it with an effective acne product that works for you. My favourite acne product to maintain clear skin is Sloane Inc Skin Detox. This shine-control, matte-finish, oil-free gel detoxifies troubled, blemished skins, leading them to the light in no time. Sebum control microspheres keep skin refreshed and silky soft, while anti-acne ingredients barricade skin from further comedomal and pimple outbreaks.

4. Exfoliate weekly

Lately, I’ve been using Skinfood’s Black Sugar Mask twice weekly to remove dead skin cells. I usually take small amount and dilute it with water. It really leaves my skin feeling smooth and squeaky clean after that and my pores has become noticeably smoother after using this.

5. Do not scrub dry or drag towel along skin

Always be gentle with your face, and dab off excess water with a soft and clean towel. This retains the moisture in your face.

6. Add face masks to your regimen

Personally, I find that using a face mask everyday works for me. I use put it on for 10 minutes before sleeping and gently massage the remaining onto my face and neck. The recommended use for face masks is however, once or twice a week. Every skin type is different, so find out what works best for you. On days where I need a little extra pampering, I reach for Sloane Inc Glow Therapy Mask. These facial masks are saturated with goodness from Astaxanthin to vitamin c to nourish your skin’s natural emollient system.

7. Drink plenty of water

This is a no brainer, as water hydrates and plumps your skin. It also reduces acne flare-ups as water removes toxins from your system.


8. Immediately tone and moisturise

When massaged into damp skin they trap water, which helps hydrate skin. I recommend using an oil-based lotion, cream or gel.

9. Apply products in order of thickness

This would give the products time to absorb into the skin more effectively – thus making your skincare routine even more effective.


10. Go for facials regularly

Your skin condition changes over time, depending on how old you are, your surroundings, and even hormones. By going for a facial, you are consulting an expert that can help you identify and address those changes to your skin conditions and educate you on how to treat them. Not only that, your skin would look smooth and radiant afterwards, and your makeup would glide on smoothly!


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