A Definitive Guide To Know Which Facial Is Right For You

Facials are great, but with so many kinds on the market, it may be confusing to to understand which is the best for your skin type. Continue reading for best lasers, lotions and potions for your complexion’s needs.

If you have dull skin, oxygen is key to bring live to your lacklustre skin. Dull skin may be caused by dead skin cells which pile up on your skin overtime, diffusing light, thus making your skin look dull.

Triple Oxygen Heaven 

This red carpet all-round complexion reviver kicks off with an intensive facial cleansing using oxy-hydropeel — a jet spray of oxygen and vitamins to thoroughly clean, exfoliate & brighten. Followed with a soothing oxygen whitening wrap, a nourishing & pampering colostrum sonophoresis to plump and firm. This triple oxygen attack on skin will leave the dullest skins bright and perky, and red carpet ready. Fantastic for all skin types. Forget the rest, this one is pure heaven.

Pore Reducing 

For combo or oily skin prone to breakouts, this facial is big on bacteria control and suppression of overactive oil glands. Our pore reducing & acne facial utilizes a unique combination of enzymes, sulphur and probiotics (all exclusively from the epicuren range) as an alternative to traditional methods.

As you grow older, your skin starts to sag and lose collagen. Opt for facial treatments that will encourage your skin to repair itself more effectively.

Classic Epicuren

This exclusive, medically based deep cleansing treatment based on a unique enzyme-protein enriched complex by Epicuren, customized for your skin type. This classic epicuren facial works wonders on all skin types by improving skin elasticity, clarity, texture and overall health. This classic facial also encourages detoxification and helps speed cell metabolism. This facial uses the ultimate epicuren “liquid glow” to detox, detox and detox.

If your skin is not glowing, then this facial is just the right indulgence for your skin.

Illumi Facial (Not really a Laser. Not just a facial…)

For those who want the benefits of an aesthetic procedure that is able to clinically lift the skin yet not forego the comforts of a facial, look no further than our Illumi-facial. Infra red light is used to penetrate the skin to restore the elasticity and lift saggy skins. This will be administered by the doctor and takes less than a minute.

This painless procedure is followed by a restorative illuminative facial that will give your skin an instant luminosity and health. Party ready with no downtime!

One of the main factors for acne skin can be due to clogged pores which causes oil build up, leading to acne. Opt for gentle facials with mild exfoliation or microdermabrasion to clear acne.

Clear Blue

Clear Blue is excellent for those who want to keep their complexions clear and problem free.

Pineapple Enzyme Scrub for dissolving away dirt & debris. Deep Sonic Cleansing for a simple basic cleansing… but we don’t stop here. I-Clear Blue light therapy for its anti-bacterial and pore-shrinking effects to clear out skin. Apple Based enzyme peel for its gentle fruit acids to clear out your pores further. Acne Collagen Mask to soothe, calm and purify further.

Crystal Clear 

This ambitiously effective microdermabrasion resurfacing treatment takes skin polishing to the next level. It uses a spray of micronized crystal particles to break apart dead cell surface layers, helping reduce the appearance of mild acne marks, large pores and smooth out the onset of fine lines and wrinkles. Our basic (face and neck) Crystal Clear includes a post-abrasion regenerative fruit acid spray followed by a strategic skin-type facial wrap treatment.

If you have sensitive skin, it is very important to find out every step and ingredients for a facial. Opt for facials that uses natural and milk ingredients to ensure that your skin does not get irritated.

Green Tea & Ginger
This is a detox facial treat for faces and it goes totally over the top! This calming facial utilizes the benefits of seawed extract, ginger and soothing green tea… the philosophy is that if it is not good enough to eat, then it is not good enough for your skin! Our aloe based organic mask delivers vital nutrients and minerals and purges the skin of impurities on hardening and removal.

This facial gives a totally new meaning to the term “go green”. Exquisite.


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