Daily Habits Of People Who Have Healthy Skin As They Age

You can all the facials you want and hope that you’ll still be able to maintain your youthful skin, but if you;re not engaging in the right activities daily, chances are, you’re not going to age as gracefully as you would like to. Here are some everyday habits of people who age well.

1. They get plenty of rest

Getting 8 hours of rest seems impossible when you’re in your youths. We are usually thankful for getting six full hours of undisturbed sleep. However, it is called beauty sleep for a reason. Chronic lack of sleep adversely affects your brain’s function and speeds up the aging process.

2. They wear sunscreen

Wearing a sunscreen every morning and reapplying in throughout the day is important – whether you are staying indoors or not. Not wearing sunscreen can age your skin in the long run. In addition, wearing sunscreen reduces the risk of skin cancer.

Sloane Inc Sunblock SPF 70 7.1 provides a mega dose of sun protection in a matte base. This no-nonsense, 100% chemical-free, fragrance-free, water & sweat proof total blocker blends 3 antioxidant teas, an invisible shine-absorbing micro mesh & UV reflectors.

3. They protect their eyes


Though the results obviously aren’t as dramatic as a surgical lift or lasers, there are creams and serums that make a noticeable difference and should remain as daily age maintenance.

“Embrace antioxidants in the day and slip in vitamin A into your regime at night. That’ll give you the crucial daytime protection and optimise skin’s nocturnal collagen repair,” explains Dr Low. “And don’t forget your sunglasses as you step out, both squinting and damaging UV rays can etch the lines into the delicate eye skin.”

‘Eye’-deal Game Plan for Youthful Eyes: Protect peepers from free radical damage with potent antioxidants, such as Sloane Inc Oxygen Eye Serum’s Coenzyme Q10 which is encapsulated in gold microspheres for optimal delivery. Strengthen your skin as you sleep with Sloane Inc Vitamin A Eye Renewal Cream. Retinol is the one ingredient that’s consistently proven to stimulate collagen production and reduce wrinkles.

4. They exercise regularly

Exercising at least three times a week will keep you fit and healthy. Physical activity can slow aging deep within our cells, so make sure that you make it a habit to kick up a sweat three times a week to slow down aging.

5. They watch what they eat

Foods that are reach in Omega-3 fatty acids such as salmon can help your skin manufacture the essential oils it needs to protect itself and can help the skin look younger. Yay for more sashimi! In addition, fruits and vegetables contains loads of Vitamins to keep you feeling good both inside and out.


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