How To Look Good In Every Photo

Summertime means taking lots of photos to remember all the fun times you shared with your loved ones in the sun. But in the age of social media – what’s worse than being tagged in a photo you’ve never seen? Because let’s face it – not all photos are a Kodak moment and capturing a flattering pic of yourself can be a challenge. 

There’s nothing worst than having a shadow cast directly on your face. The golden hour to shoot a photo is during sunrise or sunset, when the light is low and the most beautiful.  Stay clear from standing directly under the sun (it’s bad for your skin… and photos) to avoid harsh shadows and squinty eyes. For good measure, Sloane Inc Ultralite Clear Finish Sunscreen SPF50 S7.2 offers mega protection as well as a brightening effect on your skin.

Solid colours look the best on camera as it keeps the attention on your face. Find out whether you are warm or cool-toned and stick to that colour scheme. If you keep your whole outfit monotoned, have a stand out accessory, such as bright heels to keep your outfit looking interesting. Also, remember to dress for your surrounding – looking chic and effortless in photos is easier when you are dressed for the occasion.

Having flawless complexion is a no-brainer for great photos. To make your make up last all day, and survive the heat, use a primer. Sloane Inc 24K Gold Primer S9.3 is an age-defying treatment that combines pure 24 Karat Gold with the power of antioxidants & botanicals to enhance skin’s elasticity, firmness & smoothness.

By improving circulation & decreasing skin inflammation pure gold helps to rejuvenate the skin from inside out, boosting skin’s natural radiance & luminescence. Use under makeup to give your skin a fabulous inner glow & unparalled luminosity.

Find out what pose works best for you so that you don’t look like an awkward turtle. Remember not to slouch so that you appear more confident and put together, even when you’re wearing the most casual outfit. The most important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin and you’ll be sure to work the camera!


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