Finally There Are Affordable Treatments To Stop And Reverse Hair Thinning!


Let’s be honest. Thinning hair is no fun for anyone, whether you are a man or a woman. Thinning hair is not gender specific although the reasons for thinning hair vary between men and women.


For men, one of the main causes of thinning hair is genetics. Unfortunately, many men have family genetics that cause them to lose their hair throughout their lifetime. Some men even start experiencing hair thinning as early as 20, while some men are lucky and don’t experience it until much later in life. Women also experience hair thinning due to genetics, and again, this can happen at an early age. However, many of the treatments women do to their hair also cause it to start thinning prematurely.

What are the basic things I can do to prevent hair loss? 

This advice is specifically geared towards the ladies, but of course it also applies to men who spend time styling their hair. We all know the crazy things we do to style our hair are not good for it, such as dying, blow drying and curling our hair. But many people don’t know that it can actually cause our hair to become weak and damaged and will cause our hair to fall out at a more rapid pace than normal. Here are some of the more common reasons for your thinning hair and what you can do to prevent further hair thinning.


1) You part your hair in the same place every day – Our hair is most vulnerable at our part. When we part our hair in the same place every day, it becomes very weak because you are pulling and tugging at the exact same spot. To avoid your hair thinning at your part, switch it up. Part your hair on different sides or straight down the middle on different days, or switch it up with hairstyles every few months. An added bonus is people will think that you’ve done something different to your hair simply by changing the part.


2) You hold your blow dry to close to your hair – When you blow-dry your hair, you are already pulling and tugging at your hair. When you combine that pulling motion with high heat, it causes your hair to become weak and fall out. You can avoid additional damage by first using your fingers when you start to blow-dry your hair.

You will cause a lot less tension than you would when using a brush. Once your hair is mostly dry, then use a styling brush for the final polished look. Continue to hold your blow dryer an inch or two from your hair to cause less damage.


3) You wear ponytails all the time – There’s nothing like a quick ponytail to when trying to get ready in a hurry. It’s every woman’s (and some men’s) go to hair style when they are in a pinch. However, when you wear a ponytail the hair is pulled on tightly and then bound with a tight holder towards the roots. All of this pulling will cause your hair to become weak and fall out. Think about wearing a loose braid instead so your hair doesn’t have as much tension and the ponytail binder is at the bottom of your hair instead of at the roots. If you really love wearing ponytails, switch up the location of where you bind it. By not wearing your ponytail in the same place each day you can avoid causing repetitive damage to the same hair.

What do I do if my hair is already thinning?

For those of you that already have thinning hair, these remedies won’t work to prevent your already thinning hair. And for many men, the basic things you can do don’t apply because they wear their hair short. There are many new breakthrough remedies on the market today to aid both men and women in combating hair loss and even reversing the process.

Revage 670 Hair Restoration Laser  

Revage 670 Hair Restoration Laser is a new patented technology that covers the entire scalp in order to deliver consistent laser light energy over the entire scalp during the treatment process. The best candidates for this treatment are patients that have thinning hair but are not experiencing complete hair loss. It can be used on both men and women and all types of skin and hair.

It emits a cool laser energy that is painless in order to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles. It is this enhanced blood blow that helps to stimulate dormant hair follicles. It also helps current active hair growth become thicker and have more durable hair shafts. Patients who use this treatment will need to commit for 22 weeks. The first six weeks you will get twice weekly treatments, and you will only need treatment once a week after that. Patients that have used the Revage 670 Hair Restoration Laser experience up to 40% increase in hair density and thickness. And there is an 85% success rate in completely stopping continued hair loss!


Sloane Inc Hair Recovery S13.2  

The Sloane Inc Hair Recovery S13.2 system is so amazing that is has been seen in many popular magazines including Men’s Health, Women’s Weekly and Harper’s Bazaar. With this hair serum you simply apply as directed by your doctor once or twice a day.

You simply massage it into your scalp and leave it on for 4 to six hours before you rinse it out. It is proven to stimulated follicles to strengthen the hair and help build body. It will increase the diameter of the hair shaft, and also encourage new hair to grow.  This serum uses clinically proven minoxidil and various botanicals as its key ingredients. It has been tested and proven to work on both men and women.

Hair Maximizer Program  

We all want a beautiful full head of thick and lush hair. Unfortunately as we get older our hair starts to thin due to the damage we cause to it and various genetic factors. The Hair Maximizer Program combines the Revage 670 Hair Restoration treatments with a Revitascalp program. There are 12 sessions of each treatment. The Revitascalp treatment is like a facial for your hair. It takes about 40 minutes to infuse your hair with a serum of scientifically proven ingredients such as niacin, vitamin E and minoxidil to support healthy growth of hair follicles and volumize hair roots.

ARTAS Hair Transplantation  

The words Hair Transplantation conjure up thoughts of bad hair plus a la the 1980s. We all want the miracle cure four our thinning hair but shudder at the though of hair transplants. But don’t worry; the wave of the future is finally here. The ARTAS Hair Transplantation system has been proven to offer permanent results and give you younger looking and fuller hair.

The doctor who performs this procedure harvests hair follicles with the aid of a robotic system. This FDA approved system is much less invasive than previous procedures and allows patients to recover in just a day or two. There are no scars, which were previously a drawback to hair transplantation, and patients can wear their hair in any style without anyone noticing the transplants.    Technology in hair transplantation has come so far that nobody will even suspect that you’ve had the procedure.


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