5 Mother’s Day Gifts For Moms That They Will Actually Love

Here are some of our favourites picks that we’re getting for our own moms this year!

1. For the tech-savvy mom

If your mom is always glued on her smartphone, scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, the ideal gift for her would be a smart phone lens. There are a range to choose from – from macro lens to fish-eye lenses. Help her get the best photos possible with her phone with a smartphone lens kit!

2. For the active mom

If your mom loves to move around and keep herself in shape, why not spoil her with cute workout outfits – stylish AND practical. Make the woman of your life feel comfy and chic in gym wear.

3. The Beauty Mom

What do you give to the woman who already has it all? Extra pampering, of course! Get her a beauty gift card from The Sloane Shop where she can choose from an array of beauty products to keep her looking forever young.

4. Tea-Loving Mom

A pretty sampling of organic teas means she’ll have plenty of options for her next cup.

5. Sentimental mom

If your mom loves the old school way of recording memories, gift her boxes with little things that remind you of her or the memories that you shared together. If she loves scrapbooking, make her a scrapbook and leave some empty pages and then continue to fill them in together.


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