My Skincare Routine Skincare: Habits for Acne Prone Skin

Habits to start incorporating into your routine immediately for the best skin now and for years to come.

The truth is, my skin was pretty much perfect, – until I started using proper make-up when I was 18. By proper make-up, I mean not using blue eye-shadow as eyeliner like when I was 10 (although blue eyeshadow is probably in right now). 

Anyway – back to my story – when I started discovering the beauty of make-up – I loved it. I felt more confident when I was enhancing my features, and I felt like I was introducing the world to my better self. But, of course, that story was pretty much cut short when pimples started popping up on my face. It was a horror story for me because I never had any acne problems to deal with when I was younger, so pimples post-puberty was a big deal to me. 

I’ve experimented with many products throughout the years, to find out which product went well with my skin. I was pretty much a skincare noob back then, because I didn’t have to worry about skin breakouts before I was 18. So after a skin freak out, I embarked on a mission to find out which products worked best for me.

These products works best for me – every skin type is different, so make sure that you tailor the products according to what’s best for your skin. For reference, I have combination skin – oily T-zone and dry cheeks. 

1. Banila and Co Clean it Zero Purity

This was a recent buy. I only started using it 3 months ago after all the good reviews got to me and my love for Korean beauty products just wouldn’t let me not try this . I got the Purity version for sensitive skin. This starts as a balm but melts into oil and removes all your foundation and leaves your skin feeling smooth. 

If I’m not wearing any foundation on that day, just some concealer and eye make up, I use the Sloane Inc Full Face Make-Up Remover S1.3. This is another holy grail of mine. It removes my waterproof eyeliner so easily and does not irritate my eyes, like some other make-up remover does. It contains soothing Chamomile and Saponaria extract. 

2. St Ives Green Tea Cleanser

My sister first introduced this product to me when we were shopping on a Saturday. It says that the Active Ingredient consists of 2% Salicylic Acid. This product really helped in drying out my fresh pimples. The first time I purchased it, I used it everyday for 2 weeks as my cleanser to dry out my pimples and it helped. 

After 2 weeks, this started to make my skin feel really dry, so make sure you have a good moisturiser afterwards. After the 2 weeks, I only used this 3 times a week until now. 

On other days, I used Sloane Inc Ice Souffle Cleanser S2.1 for a gentle cleanser. This product is very mild and gentle, so it won’t irritate my skin or cause anymore flare ups. For those of you with oily skin, this works well as the 2nd step of your double cleanse routine, after removing all your make-up.

3. Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence

I contemplated so much before buying this bottle. Let me tell you that this bottle is expensive – but you know what? It’s worth it. It really is. This holy water – whatever they put inside it – is seriously awesome. According to its website, this miracle water hydrates, restores, rejuvenates, and gives you a glowing complexion. And let me tell you, it does. 

4. Sloane Inc Vitamin C Elixir S9.1

I’ve mentioned this product in my previous post before and that is the Sloane Inc Vitamin C Elixir S9.1. This product helped to significantly lighten my remaining acne scars and the fact that this product contains Vitamin C, it helps to retexture and tone my skin as well. I usually use this as spot treatment on my cheeks as that’s the place where I break out the most and use just a tiny pump on the rest of my face. 

5. Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream

I mainly concentrate this on my cheek areas because that part of my face usually feels dry and tight. I love how moisturising it feels on my skin, especially after using drying acne products. 

6. Face beauty masks

Every twice a week, I use a beauty mask. Currently I am using the LULULUN sheet masks that I got from Japan.  I admit that I didn’t know what type of mask I was purchasing because yeah, I can’t read Japanese unfortunately. But I researched on the mask today just for you (Applause please). I’m using the Pink is Balance Moisture or Regular Type face mask. This one keeps your skin smooth and moist all year round. Emphasizing the daily use aspect of the brand, the pink one is the most “basic” type of mask you could go for.

I only keep my masks on for 15 minutes max and then massage the remaining on my face and neck. 

7. Facials 

Facials are a must if you want to maintain your good complexion. I like to go for facials that consists of natural ingredients. Which is why I like going for The Sloane Clinic Green Tea & Ginger Facial. This calming facial utilises the benefits of seaweed extract, ginger and soothing green tea. Not only does it sound good enough to eat, it is great for your skin as it is rich in antioxidants as well! 

So that’s it! I hope that your skincare journey will go well and I wish you flawless skin x 


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