3 things that you’re not doing in your Beauty Routine that you should


If you’re gonna do it, do it right.

Here are some product pairings that you should take advantage of to make your beauty routine most effective. 

1. Double cleanse: Banila Co. Clean it Zero Purity and Sloane Inc Vanilla Silk Cleanser


Start with Banila Co. Clean it Zero Purity to gently melt away all your face make-up. I really love this product and it’s the perfect first step to my double cleansing routine. It begins as a balm and melts into oil when it comes into contact with the heat of your hand. 

For the second step in your cleansing routine, Vanilla Silk Cleanser lifts away remaining dirt and make up from your skin with its blend of French sea waters, botanical extracts, and gentle seaweed and sugar based exfoliants. 

2. Serum and Moisturiser


I use a tiny amount of Vitamin C Facial Serum on my face after toning to lighten my dark spots around my cheeks and chin. I was just looking around for a serum when I came across this affordable which was only retailing for SGD$20 at Sephora, so I picked it up quick, after reading all the good reviews. It really helps in lightening my acne spots.


After putting on some serum, I use the Luminizing II as a moisturiser to further treat my skin. This formula is non-comedogenic and softens my skin without leaving it feeling greasy. 

3.  Pure Hydrating Mist after Translucent Powder 


After your foundation and concealer routine, gently dust your face with a translucent powder to set your make-up. Afterwards, spritz your face with a hydrating mist to keep it well- moisturised and to keep your make-up from looking cakey. 


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