Ways to detox your post holiday skin & body

Holiday season is over, and that means that it’s time to get back to the usual daily grind. It’s time to recover from all the late nights, holiday binge eating and from all the make up that we have been using these past few days and start afresh! 

1. Go for a facial 

Let your skin take a breather from all that holiday make up! This facial is perfect for those with dull and blemished skin. Start your new year with fresh, glowing skin! It exfoliates your skin with natural occurring enzymes found in apples, pumpkins and pineapples, then replenishes with super antioxidants Astaxanthin, one of the latest and most powerful superfood in the anti-ageing scene. 

2. Do some inner cleansing 

All the holiday food making you feel bloated and queasy? Try to stay away from greasy food these few days and instead, work on cleansing your body. This detox tea from The Sloane Clinic is sugar-free, low-cal, all-natural drink that both amps metabolism for faster calorie- and fat-burning, and helps flushes out toxins—all without bloating, jitters and the ‘crash’ effect. 

With antioxidant-rich green tea, white tea, guarana and ginseng, plus two proprietary vitamin, herb and mineral blends. Mm, tasty AND healthy! 

3. Invest in quality skin care products!

It’s time to throw away skin care products that are sitting on the bottom of your drawer, and purchase ones of awesome quality. Here are some of my recommended products! 

4. Blend away!

When that afternoon lull comes around, it’s easy to be tempted with potato chips and a good cuppa. Resist the urge to snack and instead, whip yourself up some healthy smoothies to quench your thirst AND hunger. Here are some delicious recipes that you can try. 

5. Go for a run! 

What better way to shake off post-holiday fats than to sweat it out! If running is not for you, may we suggest dancing? Grooving to your favourite tunes while burning some fats? Totally fun! 


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